Business Skills Certifications

Experience. Qualifications. Achievements. These are the things we think every employer is looking for—the secret ingredient to securing our dream job. To succeed in business, however, you need much more. Business skills are increasingly seen as an essential companion to your education and work history. They’re the soft and hard skills that ensure project deadlines are met, departments run smoothly, and companies report a profit.

Sounds important? Business skills might just be the most valuable thing you can contribute to a company. They should be at the top of your resume and threaded throughout every question in a job interview.

But what are business skills? And how can you acquire them?

What are business skills?

Business is currently the most popular undergraduate major in the United States. Yet, almost all courses come with a side serving of humanities. Why Because business is more than case studies and knowledge.

Business is about communicating, negotiating, managing, delegating, collaborating, accounting, banking, bookkeeping, analyzing, and more.

These are business skills. They’re the hybrid of technical and non-technical skills which organizations are looking for in a candidate.

Types of business skills

Developing your business skills takes time and experience. But they can be taught and practiced. Here are some examples of business skills that will set you apart as a candidate:

  • Articulating your thoughts – both on the page and in a meeting – is the most valuable skill you can have. But communication is a two-way street. It’s as much about active listening as it is marketing or presenting.
  • A step up from standard communication. Negotiating is a combative form of communication that requires nuance and intuition to get the desired result. Anyone who can negotiate well is an obvious asset to a company.
  • A solid understanding of accounting, banking, and general finance will help navigate the intricacies of the market and company life. Economics and finance influence almost everything a company does. So, being able to analyze a financial situation and plot a course of action is critical.
  • Life is all about people. Business is no different. Knowing how to delegate, teach others, and demonstrate leadership will help build your company’s success. If you want to progress, management is normally the most obvious upward path. Therefore, mastering this interpersonal skill is essential for career success.
  • Have you ever heard the phrase: it’s not what you know; it’s who you know. That’s networking: the subtle art of building a reliable book of contacts through industry and beyond. You never know when someone’s expertise or connection will come in handy.


If you want to further your career or just want to enhance your skillset, consider pursuing one of our fantastic training programs. We’ll walk you through all the valuable business skills you need for success. Our training programs include Office Manager, Workforce Manager, Strategic Leadership, and Resume-Boosting Certifications.

So, whatever business skills you need to acquire, we’ve got the training course suited to you.