Event Planner Certification


Event Planner Certification

Certified Quality Event Planner (CQEP)™

The event planning industry has expanded significantly in recent years and event management has become a critical skill that employers are looking for.  Whether the event is a small private gathering or a large corporate event, event planning skills are necessary to ensure the event achieves its desired outcome.  Spending for special events worldwide is estimated to be at $500 billion annually.  The market for a certified event planner has never been stronger.

Event planners help prepare events of all sizes.  These events can be celebrations likes weddings and birthdays.  They can be educational events like conferences and corporate meetings.  They might also be political events or large rallies.  The point is, events can be social or business related.  Planners must plan and research all aspects of an event.  This includes everything from the event design and layout to transportation, activities, and security.

When it comes to large or complex events, companies often realize they need the assistance of a certified professional to help ensure the event is run properly.  Companies will often look to hire someone with a certification, experience, or both to help run important events.  Getting your event planner certification can be the first step in building a strong background in the events industry.

An Event Planner Certification is designed to show that you have the skills to effectively run a large corporate and professional event.  The Quality Event Planner Certification, developed and issued exclusively through the Management and Strategy Institute, may give the recipient the additional skills and qualifications that employers are looking for in today’s competitive job market.

Is a Certificate in Event Management Worth It?

Event management is a dynamic and exciting field requiring unique skills and knowledge to succeed. Whether you’re interested in planning corporate conferences, music festivals, or weddings, having the proper credentials can make all the difference in launching a successful career or starting your own event management business. One way to enhance your credibility and stand out in a competitive market is by obtaining a certificate in event management. Let’s explore the numerous ways a certification can be a valuable asset and open doors to exciting opportunities.

1. In-depth Knowledge and Specialized Skills

Pursuing a certificate in event management provides you with a comprehensive understanding of the industry, equipping you with essential knowledge and specialized skills. You will gain insights into event planning, budgeting, marketing, logistics, risk management, and more through structured coursework. This knowledge base empowers you to confidently approach event management, ensuring you can tackle challenges effectively and deliver exceptional client experiences.

2. Professional Credibility

A certification in event management lends credibility to your profile and demonstrates your commitment to professional growth and development. Employers and clients often seek professionals who possess the necessary qualifications and credentials, and a certification can be a distinguishing factor that sets you apart from other candidates. It provides reassurance that you have undergone rigorous training and have a solid foundation in event management principles.

3. Networking Opportunities

Obtaining an event management certificate offers educational benefits and opens doors to valuable networking opportunities. Many programs facilitate interaction with industry professionals, guest speakers, and fellow students. These connections can be instrumental in establishing relationships, finding mentors, and discovering potential job opportunities. Networking is a crucial aspect of the event management industry, and a certification program provides an excellent platform to expand your professional network.

4. Increased Job Opportunities

The event management industry is highly competitive, and having a certificate can significantly enhance your job prospects. Employers often look for candidates with relevant training and certifications, demonstrating a higher level of commitment and competence. A certificate in event management can be the factor that convinces employers to choose you over other applicants, giving you an edge in securing exciting job opportunities in event planning companies, hotels, convention centers, or corporate organizations.

5. Entrepreneurial Advantage

If you aspire to start your own event management business, a certificate in event management can be a valuable asset. Running a successful event management business requires a combination of skills, knowledge, and credibility. By completing a certification program, you gain a strong foundation in event management principles and acquire the business acumen needed to establish and grow your venture. Additionally, the networking opportunities provided by the certification program can help you connect with potential clients, vendors, and partners.

A certificate in event management is worth it for individuals who are passionate about pursuing a career in this field or starting their own event management business. The specialized knowledge, professional credibility, networking opportunities, practical experience, increased job prospects, and entrepreneurial advantage offered by a certification program can significantly enhance your chances of success. By investing in your education and acquiring a certificate, you are equipping yourself with the tools necessary to excel in event management’s dynamic and rewarding world.

Additional Information

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  • Online study material to prepare for exam.
  • MSI Certification exam, completed online.
  • Mailing of certificate & transcripts once certified.

No, the Event Planner certification program is designed for someone with a general knowledge of event planning principles.  The included study material covers all required information to prepare for the exam.

To successfully plan an event it is important to have a solid understanding of event and project planning principles.  This certification exam is an open-note, timed exam.  You will not be able to look up answers to questions while taking the test.  This exam is designed to make sure you have a strong understanding of event planner principles.

The Event Planner certification, by definition, is a high-level certification. It is designed to give you a solid understanding of most facets of quality event planning. It does not require a project to complete. This professional development course was designed to teach someone with little knowledge of event planning the basic skills needed to function as a event planner within an organization as well as in the private sector. Many executive jobs today require that their employees have at least a basic understanding of Event Planning. For an example, click on this [Job Search] link to see how many positions mention the words “Event Planner”.

The training course is self-paced. Time to complete and fully comprehend will vary with every individual. It may take several days or weeks of study before you feel comfortable to take the final test. You may take the final exam as soon as you’re ready. You have 1 year from the date of purchase to complete the course.

Yes, MSI offers digital books for those who would like to order additional materials to assist with their studies. These books are not required, but will help you prepare for the certification exam:

  • Event Planning
  • Event Planning and Management

This certification exam is timed with a limit of 3 hours.  The exam is completed online from home or work.  You may take the exam as soon as you are ready, it does not need to be scheduled in advance.  All questions are multiple choice.

Participants who successfully complete this certification program will receive 30 Professional Competency Units (PCUs) from MSI.

You will be mailed a Certificate Of Completion, as well as a letter of congratulations and two copies of our training verification letters which you can give to employers who request it. The certificate is heavy-stock, cream paper suitable for framing.

Certifications are generally the last item listed under the education section of your resume.  List them directly beneath your college information in this format:

        Management and Strategy Institute
        – Certified Quality Event Planner (CQEP)™

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