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Management and Strategy Institute philanthropy

Management and Strategy Institute philanthropy

Did you know that a portion of the proceeds from every certification goes to charity? It’s True! We consider it our responsibility to make a positive impact in the communities we serve. We share our success by giving back to 501(c)(3) non-profits and educational institutions that address vital community needs and issues.

MSI Cares™ directs its giving to areas that the Management and Strategy Institute board of directors vote to support. The three primary area’s that MSI focuses on are Children, Education and Veteran Services.

MSI has also worked with the White House to provide over 10,000 free and heavily discounted training / certification programs to educate, train, and re-skill American workers from high-school age to near-retirement.

Why MSI Supports Children, Education, and Veteran Services Charities

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is integral to Management and Strategy Institute operations. While there are countless worthy causes, MSI supports charities focused on children, education, and veteran services.  Here’s why these charities are so important to us.

1. Children's Charities

Children’s charities have long held a special place in the hearts of both individuals and businesses. MSI recognizes the immense importance of supporting the well-being of future generations for several reasons:

  • Investing in the Future: Children represent society’s future workforce, innovators, and leaders. By investing in their well-being, MSI helps ensure a brighter future for everyone.

  • Community Building: Children’s charities often profoundly impact local communities. MSI views this as an opportunity to strengthen their ties with the communities they serve, fostering goodwill and loyalty.

  • Childhood Diseases:  Diseases such as pediatric cancers and rare genetic disorders can devastate children and their families. MSI recognizes that supporting charities fighting these diseases can save lives and alleviate immense suffering.

2. Education Charities

Education is a cornerstone of personal and societal development. MSI understands the crucial role education plays in shaping individuals and communities, which is why we are inclined to support education charities.

  • Workforce Development: A well-educated workforce is essential for a society’s long-term success. Supporting education charities helps create a more skilled and knowledgeable talent pool in the future.

  • Reducing Inequality: Education can be a powerful equalizer, bridging socioeconomic class gaps. MSI supports education charities to help contribute to a fairer society and reduce income inequality.

  • Innovation and Progress: Education fosters innovation and progress in every sector. Companies that prioritize education are investing in a more innovative and prosperous future.

3. Veteran Services Charities

Veteran services charities focus on supporting those who have served their country in the armed forces. MSI has several compelling reasons to support these organizations, such as the fact that MSI is Veteran owned and operated.

  • Honoring Sacrifice: Supporting veterans is a way for MSI to show gratitude for the sacrifices made by those who have served. It demonstrates a commitment to the values of patriotism and national pride.

  • Skills and Leadership: Veterans often possess valuable skills, discipline, and leadership abilities acquired during their service. MSI believes that companies can tap into this talent pool when recruiting.

Why These Charities Are Important

The Management and Strategy Institute (MSI) is proud to support charities dedicated to children, education, and veteran services because we firmly believe in the transformative power of these causes. By backing initiatives that prioritize the well-being of children, we invest in a brighter and more promising future. Our commitment to education charities stems from our belief in the pivotal role of knowledge and learning in driving progress and innovation.

Additionally, supporting veteran services charities allows us to honor the sacrifices made by those who have served their country while tapping into their valuable skills and leadership qualities. These charitable efforts align with MSI’s core values of community, education, and a deep respect for those who have dedicated their lives to service. Through our support for these causes, we strive to make a meaningful and lasting impact on society, one that reflects our commitment to social responsibility and ethical business practices.

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