Knowledge Management Certification


Knowledge Management Certification

Discover the Power of Knowledge in the Global Arena

In today’s rapidly evolving business landscape, effectively managing knowledge has become a cornerstone of successful global enterprises. Knowledge Management (KM) stands at the forefront of this transformation, enabling organizations to capture, manage, and utilize their collective wisdom to gain competitive advantages.

Our comprehensive Global Knowledge Management Certification is designed to equip you with the skills, tools, and insights needed to master this critical discipline.

What is Knowledge Management?

Knowledge Management involves systematic processes to create, share, use, and manage the information and knowledge within an organization. At its core, KM helps organizations find, select, organize, disseminate, and transfer important information and expertise necessary for activities such as problem-solving, dynamic learning, strategic planning, and decision-making.

Why is Global Knowledge Management Important?

Global Knowledge Management extends these principles into a worldwide context, breaking down geographical and cultural barriers to maximize the collective intelligence of globally dispersed teams. As businesses continue to expand and operate across borders, the integration of effective KM practices ensures that no part of the organization is isolated. This global approach enhances efficiency and innovation, improves market adaptability, and increases cultural synergy among diverse workforces.

Key Benefits of Implementing Knowledge Management:

  • Enhanced Decision-Making: With effective KM, organizations can offer access to valuable databases and enable a real-time basis decision-making process that responds accurately to operational and strategic demands.
  • Increased Efficiency: Streamline processes and improve performance by reducing knowledge redundancy and ensuring easy access to the most relevant and up-to-date information.
  • Stimulated Innovation and Growth: Foster an environment where knowledge sharing and collaboration are encouraged, leading to more innovative solutions and creative problem-solving.
  • Preservation of Intellectual Capital: Capture and document invaluable intellectual assets when employees leave or retire, preserving essential operational knowledge.
  • Improved Customer Service: Equip your teams with comprehensive customer insights and historical data, enabling them to enhance customer service and satisfaction.

Why Pursue a Global Knowledge Management Certification?

Obtaining a certification in Global Knowledge Management demonstrates your commitment to your professional development and equips you with the necessary skills to make a significant impact in your organization. Here’s why this certification is critical for your career growth:

  • Recognition as a KM Leader: Stand out in the global marketplace as a certified knowledge management professional who can lead and implement KM initiatives across diverse and distributed teams.
  • Career Advancement: Position yourself for upward mobility in your career with a certification that adds valuable expertise to your portfolio, especially in roles focused on strategic development and innovation.
  • Skill Enhancement: Gain an in-depth understanding of the latest KM tools, strategies, and best practices that can be directly applied to fostering collaborative environments and leading change within your organization.

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Whether you’re looking to refine your skillset, advance your career, or lead transformational change in your organization, our Global Knowledge Management Certification provides the education and recognition you need to succeed. Dive deep into the realms of KM and emerge as a certified leader ready to tackle the challenges of today’s dynamic business environment. Join us and transform your understanding of information and knowledge into a tangible asset that drives success in any global enterprise.

Take your professional journey to the next level – enroll in our Global Knowledge Management Certification program today and unlock the door to endless opportunities.


MSI Knowledge Management Training Program Syllabus

Module 1: Introduction to Global Knowledge Management

  • Foundations of Knowledge Management
    • Definition, history, and evolution of knowledge management.
    • Key concepts and terminologies.
  • The Importance of Knowledge Management in a Global Context
    • Case studies on global companies.
    • Challenges and opportunities in global knowledge management.


Module 2: Knowledge Management Strategies and Frameworks

  • Developing Knowledge Management Strategies
    • Aligning KM strategies with business objectives.
    • Knowledge audits and mapping.
  • Knowledge Management Frameworks and Models


Module 3: Tools and Technologies for Global Knowledge Management

  • Digital Tools for Knowledge Creation and Sharing
    • Collaborative technologies, intranets, and social media.
    • How AI will impact Global Knowledge Management
  • Knowledge Management Systems (KMS)
    • Features, selection, implementation, and challenges of KMS.


Module 4: Organizational Culture and Change Management

  • Building a Knowledge-friendly Culture
    • Strategies to foster knowledge sharing and innovation.
  • Change Management in Knowledge Initiatives
    • Overcoming resistance, stakeholder engagement, and communication.


Module 5: Knowledge Management in Practice

  • Best Practices in Global Knowledge Management
    • Lessons from leading global organizations.


Module 6: Advanced Topics in Global Knowledge Management

  • Intellectual Capital and Knowledge Assets
    • Identification, measurement, and management of intellectual capital.


MSI Knowledge Management Certification Exam:

  • Global Knowledge Management Professional (GKMP)

Examples of the Benefits of Knowledge Management

Inefficient Information Sharing


In many organizations, vital information is often siloed within departments, which prevents effective communication and collaboration across the organization. This leads to duplicated efforts, inconsistencies in work quality, and delays in project completion.

Knowledge Management Solution!

  1. Implement a Centralized Knowledge Repository: By creating a centralized platform where all documents, project updates, and procedural information are stored, organizations can ensure that all employees have access to the same information. Tools like corporate intranets or cloud-based document management systems can facilitate this.
  2. Foster a Collaborative Culture: Encourage a culture of knowledge sharing through regular meetings, workshops, and informal get-togethers where employees can exchange ideas and insights. Additionally, use internal social media tools to promote more spontaneous and broad-based communication.

Loss of Expert Knowledge


When experienced employees leave the organization, they take with them critical knowledge that can be difficult to replace. This loss can lead to significant disruptions, especially if the departing employees held key positions or were involved in specialized operations.

Knowledge Management Solution!

  1. Establish Structured Onboarding and Offboarding Processes: Ensure that departing employees transfer their knowledge through well-documented processes that might include exit interviews, mentorship programs, and handing over documents. Onboarding new employees should include accessing this compiled knowledge to reduce the learning curve.
  2. Create Communities of Practice (CoPs): Develop communities within the organization where knowledge regarding specific topics or practices is regularly discussed and updated. This not only helps in retaining critical knowledge within the company but also in continuously developing it.

Knowledge Management Certification Requirements:

To achieve the GKMP certification designation from the Management and Strategy Institute, candidates must pass the MSI Global Knowledge Management exam with a score of 70% or higher.

There are no prerequisites for certification.  The included course covers all of the MSI Knowledge Management material that candidates must be familiar with to pass the exam.  The total cost for Global Knowledge Management certification online is $299.95.  That fee includes the MSI certification exam and the online course / study material.

Global Knowledge Management Certification holders must have a basic understanding of Knowledge Management principles so that they can implement KM frameworks and models within their organization.  This certification exam is open note, however it is also timed, so you will not have much time to look up answers to questions.  It is essential that you study and understand the material prior to taking the test, or you may not pass.


To prepare for the MSI Global Knowledge Management Professional (GKMP) exam, candidates are encouraged to complete all training that is included with the purchase.

The Global Knowledge Management Professional certification is a mid-level certification.  It is not designed to make you an expert on all facets of Knowledge Management.  This professional development course was designed to teach someone with little knowledge of Global Knowledge Management principles the basic skills needed to function as a specialist within your organization.  Many executive jobs today require that their employees have at least a basic understanding of Global Knowledge Management.  For an example, click on this job search link to see how many positions mention the words “Knowledge Management“.

The training course is self-paced.  Time to complete and fully comprehend will vary with every individual.  It may take several days or weeks of study before you feel comfortable to take the final test.  You may take the final exam as soon as you’re ready.  You have 1 year from the date of purchase to complete the course.


You are registering for the Global Knowledge Management Professional (GKMP)™ certification program through the Management and Strategy Institute (MSI).  This international certification is exclusive to MSI and you will be certified directly by the Institute upon passing.

Participants who successfully complete this certification program will receive 30 Professional Competency Units (PCUs) from MSI.  The GKMP digital certificate will be issued immediately upon passing the certification exam.  The GKMP digital badge will be issued within 48-96 hours and added to the MSI verification database at

Recertification is recommended every 3 years.  Recertification through MSI is free and typically takes about 10 minutes.  Applicants do not need to re-take the exam, but rather complete a questionnaire regarding the certification.

For US members, upon passing, you will be mailed a professional-grade certificate and transcripts.  These can be given to employers who request it, or colleges for credit review.  The certificate is heavy-stock, cream paper suitable for framing.

MSI Knowledge Management Certificate

Additional Information

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Certifications are generally the last item listed under the education section of your resume.  List them directly beneath your college information in this format:

Management and Strategy Institute
Global Knowledge Management Professional (GKMP)™

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are There Prerequisites?

No, this online Global Knowledge Management Certification is open to everyone.  It includes the online study material and the MSI certification exam.

How Long Is The Program?

The training course is self-paced. Time to complete and fully comprehend will vary with every individual. The study material is designed to be completed in 30-60 days.

What will I receive after I pass my test?

You’ll have immediate access to a digital certificate that you can download and share on your resume, Facebook, or LinkedIn account.

You’ll also be issued a digital badge approxiamtely 2-4 days after you’ve completed the certification exam.  Your digital badge can be found at

If you’re in the US, you’ll also be mailed your physical certification and professional transcripts upon certification.

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