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About the Management and Strategy Institute

The Management and Strategy Institute (MSI) is a trade association dedicated to representing the needs of process improvement professionals.  With over 300,000 members and certification alumni, MSI represents professionals in every industry and demographic with members in all 50 states and 34 countries.

MSI provides professionals with career development and credentialing opportunities while fostering an environment of continuous improvement within organizations.  As a six sigma certification organization, we specialize in Six Sigma certification; however, we have a complete line of professional development certifications to meet your credentialing needs.

Through research and public policy advocacy, MSI is a leading voice for process improvement professionals around the globe.  We work with large corporations, small businesses, and government agencies to instill a culture of continuous improvement and quality.  With a strong commitment to philanthropy, the Management and Strategy Institute leads by example through the MSIcares™ program.

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To be the industry leader in highly respected and affordable professional development certifications.

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Management and Strategy Institute works with the White House to join the Pledge to America’s Workers initiative. 


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