Continuous Improvement Awards

Continuous Improvement Award Logo

The Continuous Improvement Awards are issued to individuals and organizations that dedicate themselves to the pursuit of incremental process improvement through continuous innovation.

Continuous Improvement is about more then just streamlining processes.  It’s about change management, long-term strategies, and the professional development of yourself and your colleagues.

These awards are available through nomination only.  The Management and Strategy Institute issues awards on a limited basis to individuals and organizations that exemplify dedication to continuous improvement through their everyday actions.


Continuous Improvement Professional Award

The Continuous Improvement Professional Award is issued to individuals who demonstrate their commitment to continuous improvement.  These individuals demonstrate a strong understanding of improvement methodologies and apply them in both their professional and personal lives.


Organizational Continuous Improvement Award

The Organizational Continuous Improvement Award is issued to organizations that demonstrate their commitment to continuously improving their processes.  These organizations follow best-practices for improving their operations and invest in the professional development of their workforce.