The Art of Negotiation

Now, more than ever, a business person’s ability to negotiate is critical to their success, as well as the success of their company. The art of negotiation can sometimes be intimidating to even the most seasoned professionals. That is why the Management and Strategy Institute has spearheaded the Certified Business Negotiation Skills program. Our extensive training experience in successful business solutions, like our Six Sigma Black Belt Certification, has now been focused on the negotiation process.

The Certified Business Negotiation Skills program will help you build your negotiation skills by developing your confidence and providing the tools you need to negotiate effectively. If you are brand new to the craft of negotiation, our new program will help develop your inner ability to negotiate.

Our Goal 
Most businesses today seek individuals with an ability to negotiate. Every day, businesses face situations that require their employees to utilize negotiation. A successful negotiator is highly sought after in the job market. When reviewing applicants, companies often look for someone who can: 

  • Foster teamwork within the organization, ensuring defined goals and objectives when entering a negotiation.
  • Manage the expectations of the negotiation process so that employees approach a deal logically rather than emotionally.

The Certified Business Negotiation Skills program provides you with an overview of the negotiation process. It will help you create a foundation for your negotiating skills and provide the necessary tools for business negotiation. Once you complete our course, you will better understand the negotiation process that you can build upon.

What We Cover 
The Certified Business Negotiation Skills program will cover many aspects of the negotiation process. Whether you are interested in understanding the bargaining process or how to improve your ability to reach consensus, our new program will help you harness the skills needed to negotiate better. Here are some other aspects of negotiation that our course will cover: 

  • Understanding the negotiation process
  • Preparation
  • Finding the proper environment
  • Laying the groundwork for your work
  • Developing a structured agreement
  • Controlling your emotions
  • When to walk away
  • Teamwork
  • Additional strategies for success


What Will You Need? 
Like many of our existing professional development certifications, the Certified Business Negotiation Skills program is all-inclusive. You will be provided with all the materials needed to complete your course work and finish the exam. MSI also includes a list of additional books you can order to further develop your negotiation skills, but they are not required to complete the course or assessment.

All our program requires is someone who is determined to improve their negotiation skills. An individual who realizes the importance of negotiation and is ready to take the next step in their personal development.

How Much Time Do You Need? 
Our Certified Business Negotiation Skills program is designed to work around your schedule. Like so many professionals these days, you may be struggling with an already busy life. Our course was created with your needs in mind. You can learn at your own pace.

Testing Structure and Certification 
Similar to our course structure, the exam is designed with your needs in mind. The test does not have to be scheduled in advance and can be taken at work or at home. The exam typically takes up to two hours for completion.

Once passed, you will receive a professional certificate issued exclusively by MSI. You will also receive two professional transcripts that can be provided to potential employers.

In today’s business-driven environment, the ability to negotiate is crucial. The professional world is dominated by situations, large and small, that require an individual to navigate and succeed in the negotiation process properly. That is why MSI has developed and released our Certified Business Negotiation Skills program. Upon completion of our course, you will negotiate with confidence improving yourself and your business in the process. For more information, please contact us today.