How to Manage a Remote Workforce

Learn How to Manage a Remote Workforce With Our Newest Certification Course

After a few months of adjusting to a work-from-home culture, you most likely have pinpointed some of the major challenges businesses face in the COVID-19 era. As a manager entrusted with a leadership role at your company, you’ve no doubt encountered plenty of unprecedented challenges yourself.
Prior to the coronavirus outbreak, you probably weren’t trained on how to run full team meetings over video conference, much less how to train, motivate, inspire, and counsel employees in a virtual setting. While you’ve risen to the occasion and done the best you can to keep your team on track, you could use some guidance developing leadership strategies as you move forward into an uncertain future.
Here at The Management and Strategy Institute, we want to take the guesswork — and some of the stress — out of managing a workforce remotely. That’s why we’ve launched our new Remote Workforce Manager Certified (RWMC)™ professional development course.
Enrollment for this self-paced, online certification program is open now on our website. Don’t pass up this great opportunity to build crucial management skills that will help your business thrive in these uncertain times.
The RWMC™ certification course covers a wide range of pertinent topics, including:

  • How To Create Teamwork
  • How To Develop, Train, and Motivate a Remote Team
  • How To Assign Responsibilities In A Remote Setting
  • How To Run Effective Virtual Meetings
  • How To Give Feedback
  • How To Manage Signs Of Conflict
  • How To Handle Employee Concerns
  • How To Offer Employees Growth Opportunities
  • Legal, Compliance and Security Challenges

In a modern marketplace where more and more employees are working remotely, strong, effective leadership will set your company apart from the competition. Our Remote Workforce Manager Certified™ course provides the foundation you need to become that strong, effective leader and add crucial skills to your resume that will help you advance in your career.
For more information about this exciting new course or any of our online professional development opportunities, please browse our site. If you have any questions or concerns, you can fill out an online contact form to get in touch with The Management and Strategy Institute team.