Why get a Six Sigma certification?

In today’s competitive job market finding a way to get your resumé to stand out is critical.  Getting a Six Sigma certification through the Management and Strategy Institute is one way that people are enhancing their resumés and increasing their earning potential.

 So why do employers find a quality improvement certification so valuable in today’s business environment?  It’s because employers know that Six Sigma trained employees have a strong understanding of how to best utilize resources and cut down on waste.  This means a more productive workforce and a stronger bottom line.

Increasing efficiency and profitability within an organization is considered one of the most sought after skills for career advancement in today’s competitive environment.

Top Three Reasons To Get Your Six Sigma Certification

#1: Demonstrates commitment to continuous improvement

For a company to be successful long-term, it must continue to improve.  This means they need to improve their products, processes, and customer satisfaction.  Employers value someone who understands how to analyze a process and find ways to reduce inefficiencies.  It gives the organization a competitive edge and improves profitability over time.

#2: Increase customer satisfaction

Another reason these certifications are popular is that they can increase customer satisfaction.  When Six Sigma is combined with the “voice of the customer” approach, it allows a company to achieve huge increases in productivity and customer satisfaction.  Customers get better products and services and become more loyal to the company and its brands.  Organizations like Apple have strong loyalty and net promoter scores because they listen to their customers and continually improve.

#3: Demonstrates leadership

There are few certifications as valued as a Six Sigma Certification.  Only the most dedicated professionals generally hold these certifications.  That’s because they require self-determination and leadership skills to obtain.  These are the skills that employers look for when making hiring decisions.  Adding this certification to your resume tells an employer you’ve gone above and beyond what other applicants have achieved.

The Management and Strategy Institute offers Six Sigma training at the Yellow belt, Green belt, and Black belt level.  All of our certification exams are conducted online and include free study material to help you prepare for the exam.