Root Cause

The causal or contributing factors that, if corrected, would prevent recurrence of the identified problem.  The “factor” that caused a problem or defect and should be permanently eliminated through process improvement.  The factor that sets in motion the cause and effect chain that creates a problem.  The “true” reason that contributed to the creation of a problem, defect or non-conformance.

A standard process of:

  •  Identifying a problem
  •  Containing and analyzing the problem
  •  Defining the root cause
  •  Defining and implementing the actions required to eliminate the root cause
  • Validating that the corrective action prevented recurrence of problem

By eliminating the root cause you:

  • Save time and money
  • Problems are not repeated
  • Reduce rework, retest, re-inspect, poor quality costs, etc…
  • Problems are prevented in other areas
  • Communication improves between groups and
  • Process cycle times improve (no rework loops)
  • Secure long term company performance and profits