Six Sigma Project Verification


To register, you must have actively participated in a Six Sigma project as either a Six Sigma Black Belt or Master Black Belt.  If you have lead a small project as a Green belt, this is also acceptable.  The project should show that it achieved a successful benefit for the business (financial savings, material costs, process time reduction, etc).  This must have been a real-world project, not a simulation or training course.  

Once you’ve registered you will be given step-by-step instructions on what needs to be provided.  You will need to provide information on key aspects of the project.  This information includes project title, dates, description, and activities completed at each stage of the DMAIC.

We require the name & contact information of two people who have worked on the project with you.  Generally we are able to complete the project verification process without contacting members of the Six Sigma project you worked on, however we may contact them if we need to verify specific information.

Any real-world project can be submitted for verification.  Simulated (practice) projects do not qualify.

You will receive a professional transcript which details general information about the project verification.