Six Sigma Project Simulator in Healthcare


– Six Sigma Green Belt or Black Belt from MSI or another organization.
– Strong writing skills
– Strong critical-thinking skills

Completing the healthcare simulation shows employers that you’ve applied some of the principles you’ve learned when obtaining your Six Sigma Black Belt certification.  It also allows to to get some hands-on experience with applying six sigma processes and tools.  This Six Sigma Project Simulator is designed to present you with a project scenario which you will study and then write a Case Study for.

No simulation or case study can truly mimic the experience of working on a real project with real outcomes.  Most people do not have access to a real healthcare project unless they happen to be working for a hospital or medical company that is actively engaged in a six sigma project.  This Six Sigma Project Simulator is designed to give you practice with working on a project and using some tools.  You will create a project charter and write a case study regarding the project.

As a Six Sigma Black Belt in a real world project, you would develop your six sigma project plan and then implement it.  In a project simulation, you will develop your six sigma plan, then write a case study about it instead.

Yes, this simulator will provide you with all the information you need to prepare your Case Study.  There is a Case Study template which you’ll download and use as you develop the Case Study.  There are also numerous resources online to assist you.  You will be provided  links for some of those resources.

This project simulation is not a pass/fail scenario.  It is designed to give you some hands-on experience with writing a Project Charter and Case Study regarding Six Sigma.  If the paper you submit is missing any of the required elements, you will be notified of any discrepancies so that you can correct and resubmit the case study.  You have a maximum of 1 year to complete it.

You must be able to view PDF files and view/edit Microsoft Word & Excel files.

You will receive our professional certificate & transcripts.  The transcripts give a general synopsis of the six sigma project simulation that you’ve completed. 

A typical case study of this healthcare scenario is expected to be around 8-10 pages. Your project case study must include all of the key required elements.  You must also complete and submit a project charter.  Time to complete will depend on your writing skills and time to dedicate to the project. You have 1 year from the date of purchase to complete the program.