Six Sigma White Belt Body of Knowledge

Internationally Recognized, Open Source Six Sigma Standards

The below body of knowledge represents the minimum required standards set by the Management and Strategy Institute (MSI) for understanding of Six Sigma principles at the White Belt level.  Elements do not necessarily need to be presented in the order shown below.  Trainers and organizations are encouraged to teach additional information above and beyond these standards at each level.

Body of Knowledge

  1. General Topics
    1. History and overview of Six Sigma
    2. y = f(x)
    3. Organizational Roles and Responsibilities of project members
  2. DMAIC – Define
    1. Defining a project
  3. DMAIC – Measure
    1. Define basic starting metrics
  4. DMAIC – Analyze
    1. General understanding
  5. DMAIC – Improve
    1. General understanding
  6. DMAIC – Control
    1. General understanding
Lean Six Sigma White Belt Body of Knowledge
The following additional components are recommended for Lean Six Sigma at the White Belt level.  This only applies if Lean methodology is being taught.

Lean Components

  1. Basics of Lean
  2. Understand/Define Value
  3. Understand/Define Waste
  4. Understand Benefits of Lean

Body of Knowledge Area Breakdown:

History of Six Sigma
Should be able to define Six Sigma and have a general understanding of the history of Six Sigma and its application.

y = f(x)
Basic understand the function of y=f(x)

Recognizing opportunities
Understand Six Sigma philosophies and how to recognize opportunity.

Managing Quality
Understand how to frame quality into what is important to the customer.

Deciding to start a Six Sigma project
Understand the “how and why” regarding a company launching a quality improvement initiative like Six Sigma.

Organizational Roles and Responsibilities
Understand how team are formed and the role of each belt level within the Six Sigma project.

The DMAIC Method
Understand and define DMAIC.  Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, Control.

Why is DMAIC used
Understand why the DMAIC process is utilized.

Certifications aligned to this standard:

Lean Six Sigma White Belt Certified (LSSWB)

  • Audio training also available on Spotify