Military Veterans using certifications to find jobs

Transitioning out of the military into a civilian career may seem like an easy task at first.  Veterans are well-disciplined, well-trained and eager to begin new careers.  So, finding a new job or career path should be easy.  Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case.
In an article on, they highlight 5 reasons why getting a job after leaving the military can be tough.  The number one reason is “skills translation”.  Military jobs don’t easily convert into civilian terms.  If hiring managers or HR interviewers aren’t veterans themselves, they may not fully understand how military experience can translate into a civilian role.

A great way that veterans can overcome this obstacle is to use their VA benefits to add education and certifications to their resume.  There are many certifications to choose from, including the Six Sigma Black Belt certification directly from the Management and Strategy Institute.

If you’re interested in IT, look at all the options provided by Comptia.  Their IT certifications are highly respected and are a great way to translate your military technical skills into real-word applications.

Not sure where to look next?  Try doing a simple good search for terms like “skill certifications”.  This will give you a broad list of certifications that you can choose from.  Try finding training programs in the field your interested in.  Also look for certifications that compliment that field.

With the right planning, your transition into the civilian world can be a smooth one.