Use your Military VA benefits and GI Bill to receive your Six Sigma Black Belt Certification!


Six Sigma Black Belt Certification for Veterans

You can use your VA benefits / GI Bill to be reimbursed for the Management and Strategy Institute’s Six Sigma Black Belt Certification:  Six Sigma Black Belt Professional (SSBBP)

Veteran’s pay for the certification up-front, then eligible veterans can be reimbursed 100% for the full cost of the Six Sigma Black Belt Professional (SSBBP) certification exam (Maximum value of $299.95).  MSI will provide the necessary forms after you have completed the program.

VA Reimbursement Brochure:
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Leveraging VA Education Benefits for Six Sigma Black Belt Certification: A Wise Choice for Military Veterans

Military service instills discipline, leadership, and a strong work ethic in veterans. Transitioning to civilian life can be both exciting and challenging. Many veterans explore education and training opportunities to ensure a successful post-service career. One option that deserves serious consideration is using VA education benefits to obtain a Six Sigma Black Belt certification. This decision can pave the way for a rewarding and impactful civilian career. Let’s explore why military veterans should seize this opportunity.

Transferable Skills

Military veterans possess a wealth of skills that align perfectly with the principles of Six Sigma. Traits such as attention to detail, problem-solving ability, and a commitment to excellence are highly valued in Six Sigma methodologies. By pursuing a Black Belt certification, veterans can leverage their military experience and transition smoothly into roles that require process improvement and optimization.

Competitive Advantage

The job market is competitive, and having a Six Sigma Black Belt certification sets veterans apart from other candidates. It demonstrates a commitment to continuous improvement and a proven ability to successfully lead complex projects. Many employers across various industries actively seek professionals with Six Sigma expertise, making veterans with this certification highly desirable candidates.

Diverse Career Opportunities

Six Sigma principles are not limited to a specific industry. They are widely applicable in fields ranging from manufacturing and logistics to healthcare and information technology. This versatility means that veterans with a Six Sigma Black Belt certification can explore diverse career opportunities and find roles that align with their interests and skills.

Leadership Development

The Six Sigma Black Belt certification program emphasizes leadership and project management skills. Veterans already accustomed to military leadership roles can further hone their leadership abilities through this program. The certification equips them to lead cross-functional teams and drive organizational change effectively.

Impacts on Veteran-Owned Businesses

Many veterans aspire to start their own businesses after military service. A Six Sigma Black Belt certification can provide invaluable tools for ensuring the efficiency and effectiveness of their operations. Whether they choose to enter the corporate world or start their own ventures, veterans can leverage their certification to enhance the success of their endeavors.

VA Education Benefits

The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) offers a range of education benefits to eligible veterans, including the Post-9/11 GI Bill and the Montgomery GI Bill. These benefits can cover the costs associated with obtaining the MSI Six Sigma Black Belt certification, making it a cost-effective way for veterans to invest in their future.

Contributing to Organizational Success

Veterans understand the importance of teamwork and achieving a mission. A Six Sigma Black Belt certification can contribute significantly to an organization’s success by identifying inefficiencies, reducing costs, and enhancing product or service quality. This ability to make a tangible impact is advantageous for many veterans.

Using VA education benefits to pursue a Six Sigma Black Belt certification is a strategic and beneficial choice for military veterans. It allows them to capitalize on their transferable skills, gain a competitive advantage in the job market, and access diverse career opportunities. Additionally, it equips veterans with the tools and knowledge to drive efficiency and excellence in various industries and contribute meaningfully to the organizations they serve. Leveraging VA education benefits for a Six Sigma Black Belt certification is an investment in a brighter and more successful post-military career.

No, only the Six Sigma Black Belt Professional (SSBBP) has been approved for reimbursement through the VA.

No, there are no prerequisites or experience required.  All of the training material you need to prepare for the exam is included.

Students pay for the program upfront and are then reimbursed by the VA upon successful passing of the certification exam.  MSI will provide you with the appropriate forms to submit to the VA upon completion of the certification.  NOTE:  The maximum benefit value is $299.95

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