Introducing Our Improved Six Sigma Resource Center

As an industry leader in professional development certifications, The Management and Strategy Institute specializes in Six Sigma certification programs that are designed to help individuals advance their knowledge in business-related fields. We have recently begun to expand our free online resource center to better assist existing practitioners as well as individuals new to our website. Below you can learn more about how our improved Six Sigma Online Resource Center can benefit you!
Education Center
Our education center is designed to provide additional information for individuals looking to learn more about the Six Sigma training process. The education center provides articles that cover simple topics related to the Six Sigma training process such as “What is Six Sigma?” and “What is the Best Six Sigma Certification?” Articles like these are crafted to give new practitioners and potential practitioners a better understanding of how Six Sigma can help them advance in their careers and which certification is right for their unique needs. Furthermore, the education center also offers articles that give individuals an in-depth overview of the various Six Sigma belt levels.
The video section of our resource center offers additional resources for those who struggle to grasp some of the more complicated philosophies discussed in our Six Sigma training courses. Featured videos include “What is the Role of a Six Sigma Yellow Belt?”, which explains how our yellow belt training is applied in real-world settings. Additionally, practitioners can use our video resources to gain more information on topics commonly covered in our Lean Six Sigma courses such as the Japanese philosophy of 5S.
Six Sigma Definitions
In addition to the education center and video section, our Six Sigma resource center also features a definition section. There practitioners will be able to easily access definitions for relevant terms and concepts commonly used in our training program. Whether individuals need help understanding complex concepts such as Just In Time (JIT) or simple terms like “Lean,” they will find the definition section to be a great resource in their journey to Six Sigma certification. 
To learn more about our Six Sigma Online Resource Center or to enroll in one of our Lean Six Sigma certification programs, please contact us at 888-546-1851.