Six Sigma Certification Project Simulators

Many Management and Strategy Institute members request to complete a Six Sigma project with their certification.  While this isn’t necessary to achieve certification, it is a great way to show a potential employer that you have both a Six Sigma certification and some practical experience in working on a project.  MSI’s Six Sigma Black Belt Professional and Six Sigma Lean Black Belt Professional certifications include our BBsim Six Sigma project simulation walk-through at no cost.  If you’d like to go further however, we offer our Six Sigma project simulators which are a great add-on to the Six Sigma certification.

MSI has three options to select from.  The project simulation in logistics, healthcare, or IT.  These programs are designed to be very flexible.  You are given a setup scenario about a company that is experiencing several problems.  Your task is to write a case study on how a Six Sigma project can solve these problems.

Don’t be concerned if you’ve never written a case study.  We include detailed instructions and tips on exactly what you’ll need to do to complete the program.  One of our favorite aspects of the Six Sigma simulators is that they are not pass-fair.  Rather, they are designed to help you learn.  You’ll write and complete your case study.  If it doesn’t meet the standard, it is simply returned to you for revision.  You can then resubmit until you’ve successfully completed it.

Is completing a Six Sigma Certification Project Simulation the same as working on a real-world project?

Not really, but there are still many benefits.  A simulation is designed to make you think about the practical application of Six Sigma methods.  Instead of merely learning about Six Sigma formulas and graphs, you’re applying them in a case study.  You’ll have the opportunity to complete your first project charter, as well as review a simulated company and come up with ideas to help fix the companies process-flow.  In this regard, it is similar to working on a real project.

With a simulation, there are no real-world consequences.  While your case study may be technically accurate, there is no way to really “test” the theory.  Simulations revolve around hypothetical situations; therefore, the benefits of the project are theoretical.  These types of simulations are great learning experiences.  Over the years, MSI members have turned in some impressively detailed case studies.  These Six Sigma Project Simulations are a great add-on to a curriculum vitae or work portfolio.

You can find our Six Sigma Project Simulators here: