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Become an MSI Ambassador

Management and Strategy Institute Ambassador’s love telling the world about MSI, our mission, and our certifications!

The Management and Strategy Institute Ambassador program has been designed specifically for our members who want to help us spread the word about MSI certifications.  The Ambassador program is FREE and comes with some great perks!

Complete the following steps to qualify for the Management and Strategy Institute Ambassador program. [Ambassador Requirements .pdf]

  1. Complete at least 1 MSI certification program. This can be a paid or free certification.
  2. Follow MSI on a social media platform (Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn)
  3. Write a review about MSI (Facebook or Google or BBB).
  4. Refer a friend or colleague.

MSI Ambassador Perks

We LOVE our Ambassador’s and we’ve added some great perks to show it.  Member benefits include:

  • FREE Ambassador program registration.
  • FREE digital certificate, available immediately after you register!
  • You’ll receive occasional sales and special offers beyond our usual email newsletter.

Unlocking Opportunities and Influence: Become an MSI Ambassador!

Are you a passionate advocate for online education and professional growth? Do you believe in the power of certifications to enhance careers and transform lives? If so, then the Management and Strategy Institute (MSI) Ambassador Program is the perfect opportunity for you to make a difference while furthering your own personal and professional development.

Why Join the MSI Ambassador Program?

The MSI Ambassador Program is designed for MSI members who are enthusiastic about spreading the word about MSI, its mission, and the certifications it offers. Here are some compelling reasons why you should consider becoming an MSI Ambassador:

Be Part of a Global Community: By joining the Ambassador Program, you become part of a diverse and dynamic community of individuals who share your passion for education and professional development.

Amplify Your Impact: As an MSI Ambassador, you have the unique opportunity to amplify your influence and contribute to the growth and success of MSI. Your efforts will directly impact individuals seeking to improve their skills and advance their careers, making a positive difference in their lives.

Promote High-Quality Certifications: MSI offers a wide range of certifications, from Lean Six Sigma to Project Management. As an Ambassador, you’ll have the chance to champion these high-quality certifications that are recognized and respected by employers worldwide. You’ll be helping professionals access the tools they need to excel in their careers.

Boost Your Resume: Being an MSI Ambassador is a fulfilling volunteer role and an impressive addition to your resume or LinkedIn profile. It demonstrates your commitment to professional development, community engagement, and leadership.

Give Back to the Community: The Ambassador Program allows you to give back to the community by helping individuals discover and pursue their career goals. Your efforts can inspire and empower others to take charge of their futures.

Recognition and Rewards: MSI acknowledges the outstanding contributions of its Ambassadors through recognition and rewards. Your dedication and impact will not go unnoticed.

Becoming an MSI Ambassador is simple and free. As a Management and Strategy Institute member, you’re already eligible to apply. Just fill out the Ambassador application form above and start your journey to becoming a positive force for change in the world of professional development.