MSI Fellowship Program

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About the MSI Fellow™

Being a Fellow of the Management and Strategy Institute is an honorary designation that was created by the MSI Membership Committee and Board of Trustees.  Being an MSI Fellow™ demonstrates your  commitment to process improvement methodologies and applying those improvement processes within your profession.  Your membership also helps to support the on-going work of the Institute.  Most members who pursue Fellowship status perceive it as one of the first steps to enhancement of their professional credentials.

MSI Fellows are a very select group.  This prestigious membership offers many benefits.  View the membership options below and select the once that is best for you and your career goals.

Paid membership is not required to take certification exams from MSI.

MSI Fellow™ Benefits

Stand out in your field and join the leading trade association for Process Improvement Professionals. Being an MSI Fellow™ shows others that you’re a leader in your field and have a strong commitment to continuous improvement. Fellows enjoy advanced benefits that no other organization provides. These benefits include:

  • Use of Title: MSI Fellow™: Let everyone know you’re an MSI Fellow, a trade association that advocates specifically for the needs of business professionals. List the MSI Fellow™ post-nominals after your name and on your resumé or business cards.

  • Use of Logo: Let everyone know you’re an MSI Fellow. Place our official MSI Fellow logo on your resumé, website, letterhead, etc.

  • Exclusive Certification: Get your advanced leadership certification, program and exam included with membership: Corporate Leadership Certified (CLC)™.

  • Exclusive Member Newsletters: You’ll receive exclusive discounts and special offers beyond our regular email newsletter.

  • Credibility and Professional Recognition: Being a member of a professional association adds credibility to your professional profile and demonstrates your commitment to your field.

  • Personal Growth and Satisfaction: Joining a professional association provides opportunities for personal growth, learning, and contributing to the advancement of your profession. It can give you a sense of pride, belonging, and satisfaction in making a difference within your industry.

MSI Fellow Membership
$129 / Year

Membership FAQ


No, paid membership is not required.  For MSI’s free certifications, you can access the programs here.  For MSI’s paid certifications, select the certification program you’re interested and click “enroll Now”.  You’ll be prompted to set up your account and register.  See All Certification Programs


Paid membership (MSI Fellow) is active for 1 year.  You may cancel at any time during the year to avoid being charged the following year.

* Use of MSI Fellowship title subject to terms.
** You must pass the CLC exam to become certified. Training material and exam included free with Fellow membership level.
NOTE: Members prior to 2019, All MSI Fellow and Senior Fellow memberships will remain active with no changes to the program.