The Qualities of a Successful Project Manager & Why You Should Consider Certification from MSI

Project management is a ubiquitous and often misrepresented job in almost every industry. It shows up as a salaried occupation in many instances; however, it is usually a role that gets filled internally on a need-basis when people with a range of expertise come together to complete a task. A project manager generally refers to the person who takes the lead on the planning and execution of a specific project, and this leadership role, when occupied well, has the potential to bolster an individual’s visibility in a company and his or her value in the eyes of upper management.

Although by its simplified definition, the project manager role is filled by a professional who is responsible for managing a project, the skills and qualities of a successful project manager are anything but ordinary or straightforward. At the Management and Strategy Institute, we pride ourselves on the high-quality professional development and certification courses we have available online. Our courses span Six Sigma Black Belt and Lean, among many other professional programs, including one of the most critical courses we offer:
 Project Management Certification.

What is the Project Management Certification by MSI?

This certification program is specifically designed for corporate professionals looking for a way to hone their project management skills. Whether they are seeking promotions from within their respective companies or just trying to develop their skills to improve the projects for which they are responsible, this entirely-online program is a great and convenient way to achieve those goals.

Students enrolled in the Project Management Certification program will receive online study materials and lessons, including project objective writing, tips on improving feedback, meeting productivity, and so much more. Enrolled students will also have the opportunity to earn an industry-recognized certification in project management after successful completion of the official MSI exam.

Nonnegotiable Attributes of a Project Manager

The Project Management Certification course is an excellent step toward effective corporate leadership. But, no matter how well students perform on the MSI exam, there are particular non-negotiable attributes that they need to possess or have the dedication to develop to become genuinely effective project managers.

Some of those attributes include:

  • Clear Communication
  • Leadership
  • Negotiation
  • Decisiveness
  • Expertise
  • Empathy

Project managers must be able to connect with the professionals on their teams and ensure they are heard and utilized well, articulate the vision of the project and the path to its completion, and make snap decisions. This role is not entirely easy to understand conceptually without the proper training, nor is it particularly simple to execute well without practice and the willingness to work on the attributes mentioned above.

Luckily, we at the Management and Strategy Institute are in the business of professional development. The Project Management Certification can help give a more explicit description of the role, challenge students to develop essential skills and attributes, and put them on the right track to putting what they learned into practice. To learn more about online project management, Six Sigma, or Lean certifications, feel free to look through our extensive list of programs, and enroll in the ones in which you are most interested today!