Soft Skills — The Foundation of Success in the Workplace

business meeting using soft skills

“Soft skills” are often hidden talents that can’t be accurately tracked or assessed due to their unique and personalized characteristics. These skills involve a certain level of emotional intelligence and charisma that manifest in teamwork, negotiation, and time management abilities. Although it may be difficult to quantify “soft skills,” these attributes oftentimes make or break an individual’s capability to succeed in today’s dynamic business culture.

How can one learn these elusive talents in order to better their professional outlook? Well, The Management and Strategy Institute has developed two micro-certifications to help build these skills into beneficial attributes that can be used to create a foundation for success in the corporate world.

What Do the Courses Cover?

The Management and Strategy Institute offers two courses that will help professionals develop the soft skills needed to excel in the workplace. Individuals are able to take either ten or twenty-one micro certifications, each lasting about an hour, to learn more about utilizing the proper soft skills necessary for success.

  • The certifications cover the following:
  • Harness empathy and emotional intelligence to better manage, negotiate, and interact with others in a professional setting.
  • Building valuable relationships through the development of teamwork initiatives.
  • Managing time effectively and increasing efficiency in the workplace.
  • Training communication skills to help individuals better convey information to coworkers and clients.
  • Increasing individual learning capabilities by reinforcing the core objectives for business-related educational opportunities.
  • And much more.

Implementing Course Material in Everyday Business Interactions

The skills taught will allow individuals to pursue better employment opportunities and increase their chances of success with current or prospective employers. When utilized correctly in the workplace, these talents will assist a professional in making the right decisions in regards to how to manage their time, interact with coworkers, and build lasting relationships with clients.

Oftentimes, in the job market, recruiters will look for these characteristics and eliminate those that lack soft skills when hiring for critical positions in corporations and public institutions. The Management and Strategy Institute’s learning initiatives will enhance existing soft skills and help create new development opportunities for individuals to build upon.

Build Your Professional Capabilities With The Management and Strategy Institute

The Management and Strategy Institute provides comprehensive learning and development programs to help those looking to improve their skill set for both corporate and public sector institutions. Our Six Sigma and business certifications allow for continued individual growth that can be built upon for lasting success.

MSI also offers the 10 micro-certification package that focuses exclusively on soft skills.  It covers subjects like empathy and emotional intelligence, teamwork, and time management.

To learn more about The Management and Strategy Institute and the programs offered, contact us today!