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Continuous skill-building.  It’s one of the first things employers look for when hiring a candidate.  The days of simply relying on your college degree are over.  Now employers want people who are continuously adding new skills.

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  • 10 Micro-certifications (Training & exam).
  • Digital certificate issued immediately upon passing.
  • Instant access to all 10 programs.
WARNING:  Many businesses today use software to scan your resume before a person ever looks at it.  This software is designed to weed-out people who don’t have the qualities a company is looking for.  This package is designed to TURBO-CHARGE your resume!  It will PACK your resume with the key skills needed to get your curriculum vitae noticed!

What are Micro-Certifications?

Micro-Certifications (also referred to as 1-hour certifications, Skill-Gap certifications, or Micro-credentials) are certifications that are hyper-focused on one specific topic.  They can be completed much faster than a standard certification since the exams and study material are much shorter than traditional certifications.  Micro-certifications have exploded in popularity over the past few years with both individuals and organizations.  They are a fast and effective way to demonstrate your knowledge to a potential employer or client.  With MSI’s Ultimate Resume Booster, you’ll add 10 certifications to your resume in just a few hours!

What are soft skills?

With so much competition for jobs, employers want to know you have more then just technical skills.  They look to see how well you’ll fit into the culture of the organization and if you’ll work well on a team.  Soft skills are an indication of your work-habits.  Do you have problem-solving skills, communications skills, listening skills, time management skills, and empathy?  This package includes the 10 most sought-after skills that employers are truly looking for!  You’ll receive micro-certifications in:

Empathy and the Emotional Intelligence Training (MC-EEIT)

Teamwork Training (MC-TT)

Time Management Training (MC-TMT)

Adaptability/Flexibility Training (MC-AFT)

Ability to Learn Training (MC-ALT)

Communications Training (MC-CT)

Problem-Solving Training (MC-PST)

Attitude and Work Ethic Training (MC-AWET)

Self-Confidence Training (MC-SCT)

Business Networking Training (MC-BNT)

These programs are completed 100% online and each one is designed to take 15 – 30 minutes to complete.  You can complete all 10 micro-certifications in just a few hours!

You’ll have access to all 10 programs immediately upon signup!

Absolutely!  These certifications are considered “soft skills” and they are one of the things that employers (and resume-sorting software) look for when they scan for applicants.