MSI Member Spotlight – Jonathan Dalloo


Jonathan Dalloo works as a call center representative and intake specialist, and is a graduate of Brooklyn College.  He is also an MSI Fellow, Continuous Improvement Award winner, and holds numerous MSI certifications, including his Leadership and Management Excellence (LeadEx) certification.

Jonathan’s dedication to learning is evident, and the Management and Strategy Institute congratulates him on his many academic achievements! 

Here’s more about Jonathan in his own words:

I am a proud fellow, ambassador, and Management and Strategy Institute student.  Their courses in lean, Six Sigma, social media, marketing, and management have assisted me in expanding skills in my professional development, knowing more about my current role work, improving the process of handling clients, assisting in volunteering roles as a mentor, resolving potential issues, and enrollment in our back to work programs which I go into detail below.

Being a proud Management and Strategy Institute member has added excellent value to my career development.  Through their coursework and blog posts, it was a great refresher for learning about marketing and management and one or two topics outside the classroom besides relying solely on coursework from undergraduate and graduate studies, respectively at Brooklyn College.  It allowed me to learn things outside the classroom and apply for other certificate and training programs depending on my career interests.

The blog post from the Management and Strategy Institute that intrigued me and became super helpful in my professional development goals highlighted the top 10 certification programs and licenses that one should apply for, including categories of project management, marketing, and human resources, which I bookmarked for reference. 

As a call center representative and intake specialist, I wanted to know more about how to be more effective in my role when enrolling clients and scheduling intake/orientation appointments for respective regional coordinators on our CRM software.  After doing an internet search to see courses in call center associate training, the Management and Strategy Institute showed up.  I was intrigued by the curriculum and how the certification will be an asset to my managers and career development. 

The training program gave me an in-depth view on topics such as how to set up rapport, hold phone conversations with the clients my company serves, and control one’s tone when on the phone.  I have gotten the core competencies of being an effective call center representative, making my job easier and more efficient when managing outbound and inbound calls and scheduling appointments.

The Management and Strategy Institute courses have also helped me expand my knowledge when it comes to mentorship, especially with the micro certifications in self-confidence, business networking, empathy, and emotional intelligence training.  These trainings have allowed me to become a better mentor, especially to college students and recent graduates from my alma mater Brooklyn College.  These training programs made me feel comfortable leading my mentoring sessions with ease, reviewing career documents, and sharing advice with mentees on joining student organizations and professional associations such as the revered Management and Strategy Institute

All in all, the certificate programs and training offered by the Management and Strategy Institute allowed me to broaden my skills as it relates to Six Sigma, quality management, and business skills, which are online and self-paced; this makes it easier when someone like myself is working; the convenience of enrolling for the courses is what I enjoy about being a fellow with the Management and Strategy.  As a fellow and ambassador, I can display these titles on career documents such as my resume and LinkedIn profile. 

I share top-notch resources with family, peers, and colleagues at work who want to participate in professional development courses recognizing them as credible and accredited by the Better Business Bureau.  The Management and Strategy Institute is a trade association that I am delighted to be a part of, especially with their mission of giving back to their community by donating to children, educational, and veterans organizations.  I am also a recipient of the top-tier Continuous Improvement Professional Award which proves continuous improvement through volunteer work and improving one’s local community while adhering to implementing continuous improvement methodologies.