Why Should You Consider a Six Sigma Green Belt?

Of the many accredited online certifications that we offer here at the Management and Strategy Institute, the Six Sigma Green Belt may be one of our most famous, and useful.

On paper, the Six Sigma Green Belt is a statement in itself—a declaration that you have the skills, ambition, and experience to work effectively within a Six Sigma business team. If you are an employer, this means that a Six Sigma Green belt holder has the edge over someone lacking such training. Whether you’re returning to the workforce after a brief hiatus or want to enter as sharply and competitively as possible, you have plenty of reasons to think about acquiring a Six Sigma Green Belt certification.
Proof of Understanding Processes
When you’re certified with a Six Sigma Green Belt, you’ve honed your skills so as to detect and eliminate defects within any organization. Regardless of which industry you’re working within or which business employs you, your Green Belt allows you to deconstruct, analyze, and grasp any processes occurring up front, and behind the scenes. When your boss asks you how you’d improve upon the process, you’ll be able to tell him or her everything about the process—from who’s governing it, where it’s faltering, and how you can more precisely define its scope and limitations.
Be the “Voice of the Customer”
With your organization’s processes comfortably under your belt, it won’t be long before you start to examine your customer base. All of our Six Sigma Green Belts have the ability to tell who their customer is, how to reach said customer, and what they can do to strengthen the bonds between businesses and consumers. Calling upon your mastery of SIPOC, CTQs, and COPQs, you’ll become the “Voice of the Customer” and an authority on what your company’s products need to succeed on the market.
Certification at Your Own Pace
Perhaps one of the greatest advantages of a Green Belt certification, aside from its utility, is its convenience and accessibility. Once you’ve paid for your course, you’ll have as much as a year to complete the course and examination. The Green Belt course can be completed in a few days or weeks—how long you take is entirely up to you, your pace, and your schedule.