Why Our New Digital Badges Are a Game Changer for Professionals Everywhere

With the COVID-19 pandemic making everyone more hyper-aware of their internet presence, the addition of our Digital Badges for paid certification programs has never been more vital. But what are these badges, what do they represent, and how are they a game changer to professionals seeking additional certifications? Today, we’re going to answer some of your questions and more!

Example Digital Badge

What Are Our Digital Badges, and Why We Started Offering Them

These digital certification badges are legitimate indicators of your accomplishments through our courses. They can be displayed anywhere throughout the internet, and the certification ID allows your achievement to be easily verified through our databases. From our Six Sigma Black Belt to Strategic Organizational Leadership and every paid program in between that we offer, you can easily get a Digital Badge to show off your newly accomplished certification.

Recent times have made the typical networking and educational processes far more reliant on the internet and digital means, so we thought it best to provide our students with the tools to get an edge over the competition. By allowing certifications to be easily verified and shared online, we’ve also created an entirely new way for you to take more pride in the courses that you took, and enforce the validity of your certificates as a whole.

What Are the Benefits of a Digital Badge?

The most significant benefit of our new Digital Badges is that potential employers can verify your certifications instantly through our database. Your badge’s number allows them to directly look up your credentials through our system, making it much easier to vet you for the position you’ve worked so hard to be qualified for. Outside of the employer’s perspective, these badges also allow students to open up future opportunities through their dedication to the field.

Who Can Get One?

Everyone who passes one of our paid certification programs is eligible to receive a Digital Badge alongside their physical certification of completion. For free courses, all you have to do to receive the badge is pay a fee. We’re ecstatic to make this new streamlined innovation accessible to our entire clientele in one form or another.

Why Are We the Right Choice?

Our breadth and depth of experience providing outstanding education through our certificate programs go well beyond just the new addition of Digital Badges. From our Sigma Black Belt certification’s expansion to include Lean program options to the impressive amount of credit and other benefits our courses offer, we have proven to be one of the best choices for those pursuing further education in their specific fields. Contact us today to find out more about any of our programs, and how we can revitalize your resume for good!