Link to your digital badge & verification data

Management and Strategy Institute digital badges are a great way to highlight your certification.  You can place your digital badge on Facebook, LinkedIn, your website, email signature, or anywhere else you feel it’s useful!

Your digital certification badge should be linked to your MSI certification verification data.  To see an example, click on the Digital Badge on this page.  To link your digital badge, follow the simple steps below.

Important Note:  Your verification data isn’t activated in the database until your certification is approved by the MSI Board of Trustees.  This typically takes 3-5 business days.

Example Digital Badge

Link to your information from

  1. On, Go to “Add Profile Section”, then “Accomplishments”, then “Certifications”.
  2. In this section the Management and Strategy Institute will appear under the “Certification Authority” section.  There is currently an issue with LinkedIn which causes MSI not to show when you search for our full name.  The fix is to simply search for ” Management and “, then scroll through the list of companies.  If you type our full name, we may not show in the list.
  3. Use this link with your certification ID#:
  4. Replace your-ID-number with the certification ID# printed on your digital certificate or physical transcripts.

Use your digital badge on your website

You may link to your digital badge and use it on your website or within your email signature.  Digital badges must be linked to your verification data so they can be verified.

  1. Locate your digital badge by going to your verification page at
  2. Right-click on the digital badge image, then save.
  3. Insert the image on your website, then link to it using this format: