Top 5 Courses for Business Management

Business Management, also referred to as Business Administration, is one of the most popular certifications or degrees you can obtain.  Every organization needs professionals who understand the nuances of how to manage a company.

Business managers need to have a large and diverse set of skills.  From accounting best practices to change management and process improvement, business administrators must know how to lead their businesses to success.

To properly manage a business, you need to acquire the skills through education.  There are thousands of options to gain the needed skills, but the five organizations below are well regarded as the top choices when you’re looking for a course in business management.  Let’s take a look at the options below.

1) US Small Business Association (SBA)

Most business professionals are familiar with the US Small Business Association (SBA), but business financing first comes to mind for many.  You may not realize that the SBA provides extensive training for business management, 100% free.

The SBA provides training on hundreds of business topics.  These include subjects like Writing a business plan, legal requirements, financing a business, employee recruitment, and much more.

2) Management and Strategy Institute

Best known for its Six Sigma certification programs, Management and Strategy Institute (MSI) also has several business management programs that every leader should consider taking.  To start, MSI offers a certification called Business Management Essentials Certified (BMEC), 100% free of charge.  This online course covers the essentials that every business leader should know, from accounting to ethics.  You’ll even receive a digital certificate immediately after you pass the certification exam, allowing you to showcase your certification on Linkedin.

If you’re looking for a more in-depth certification option, MSI offers two paid business administration certifications, the Executive Management Certified (EMC) course and the Certified Business Office Manager (CBOM) course.  The Executive Management certification, in particular, is highly valued among employers and is a top-listed certification on Linkedin.

Both of these courses lead to certification from MSI when you complete them.  Management and Strategy Institute is an ISO 9001 accredited organization, so certifications from here tend to hold more value than other training companies.

3) Western Governors University

Western Governors University (WGU) is one of the leading online colleges in the US.  This university has pioneered new ways of providing an education to hard-working adults who may not have the time to commit to the traditional college workload.

WGU allows their students to move at their own speed using a competency-based approach.  If you already understand a subject, you can move quickly and complete the course (and credits) at a much faster speed.

WGU also uses a flat-rate fee structure that is so groundbreaking, other universities are starting to copy the method.

The online Business Management degree from WGU is ACBSP accredited, which carries a higher level of respect than many other schools.  It covers all of the subjects you’ll need for a business management degree, including project management, business communications, and quantitative analysis.

If you’re interested in continuing your studies, WGU makes it very easy to continue with their Master of Business Administration (MBA) program.

4) Southern New Hampshire University

Southern New Hampshire University’s Business Degree is another program that is well-respected and can be completed online.  SNHU offers an option for online or in-person education, so it fits well with different learning preferences.

The Business Administration degree has different specialties you can pick from, including accounting, health administration, international business, and marketing, just to name a few.  There is no application fee to join SNHU, and no SAT scores are required.

5) American Management Association

If you’re looking to learn about management, why not get your training from a trade association that focuses on the subject.  The American Management Association (AMA) offers training on all aspects of business leadership.

You’ll find courses on supervisory skills, analytics, leadership, finance, and more.  Programs are offered online or in-person, so you can choose the option you like best.  The training programs typically cost a few thousand dollars, but you’re receiving top-notch training from a leader in the field of management.

David Lovell

David Lovell

Master of Business Administration
Festus, Missouri