Succeeding Without a College Degree: Online Certifications

​Though it’s been ingrained in us from an early age, college is not always a necessity. At the Management and Strategy Institute, we recognize that your life, and your education is not always predictable; nor does it need to be so linear. Because we specialize in certifications and online training, we are more than acquainted with the twists and turns of modernized professional careers. When college is simply too costly, or even unnecessary for the career path you have in mind, training toward a Six Sigma Green Belt can be the wisest move that is available to you. ​

Nevertheless, with all the billboards and constant reminders about going back to school, the question remains: Can online certifications replace a bachelor’s degree?

Sadly, and honestly, the answer is: no. But don’t despair! While the business industry has its own idea of what a “minimal requirement” means, no one business professional is alike. By realizing what skills you possess, and what skills you would like to acquire, you can plan for a career in virtually any industry. The trick, as always, is anticipating how you’ll be perceived against your competition; and effectively marketing yourself.

“What if I already have a bachelor’s degree?” you may be asking. It’s not unusual to find college graduates who are unsatisfied with their careers and their companies. Conventional wisdom may say to dip your head, collect your paycheck, and dream of acquiring a master’s degree. Like a bachelor’s degree, a master’s degree is not the most prudent option or even the most economical. Instead of spending tens of thousands of dollars, hoping for a higher salary, you can look elsewhere for training. Again, our Six Sigma Lean Green Belt is an ideal mid-level certification for those seeking to advance in the workplace.

An online certification can make the difference. Whether you have a bachelor’s degree, an associate’s, or a master’s, you should always be learning and growing as a thinker and a professional. By acquiring certifications, you prove to your current or prospective employer that you are up-to-date and adaptable. After you’ve reviewed your resume, think about the strengths you want to highlight, and the statement you’ll make with a certification from the Management and Strategy Institute.