Guide to quick certifications that pay well

The following is a list of certifications that can be completed quickly, but add significant value to your resume.  Certifications are popular because they show employers you are skilled in those subjects.  It also shows employers that you are actively improving your personal skillet.  The certifications listed below all lead to jobs or job functions that pay well in many different industries.

  • Lean Six Sigma Green Belt – This certification revolves around process improvement.  Its goal is to improve quality by remove waste and inefficiencies from business processes.  Contrary to belief, Six Sigma is still growing in popularity with employers.  The Lean component is critical for removing waste from a company’s supply chain.
    • Quick Completion Time:  15-30 days
    • Average Completion Time:  30-60 days
  • Agile Project Management – The Agile methodology has quickly grown to be the most popular option for those seeking certification.  Originally developed for software design management, agile is spreading into many industries.  Agile is currently one of the most searched-for terms on resumes.
    • Quick Completion Time:  10-20 days
    • Average Completion Time:  20-45 days
  • Change Management Certification – Business is always changing, and managers who know how to guide their organizations through change will always have an advantage.  Whether you work in an HR department, or lead a team in the healthcare industry, change is inevitable.
    • Quick Completion Time:  25-45 days
    • Average Completion Time:  30-60 days
  • Call Center Certification – Call center jobs are some of the most popular jobs in the US and internationally.  They generally pay well, offer benefits, and allow you to stay off your feet.  The call center certification is a great way to get in the door fast when organizations are hiring.  It’s also one of the fastest certifications you can get.
    • Quick Completion Time:  1-2 hours
    • Average Certification Time:  3-6 hours

Why people with certifications are paid more

Company’s need to hire quality candidates because each new hire is an investment.  Not just an investment in pay but in time, resources, and equipment.  With this in mind, hiring managers look for people who are self-motivated and educated.  Generally speaking, companies know they must pay more for people with hire skill levels, but it’s worth it in the long run.  Employees with certifications are less likely to be frazzled on the job or require extensive training because they already have the skills to succeed.  These skills translate to a hire pay scale, and can sometimes lead to hiring bonuses if the employer deems the skill essential.