Pioneering Your Professional Career with a Six Sigma Green Belt and Black Belt in 2018

Did you find yourself struggling to stand out from your competition in 2017? Have the costs of college or graduate school discouraged you from acquiring professional credentials? If so, you may want to consider the merits of a Six Sigma Black Belt or Green Belt from the Management and Strategy Institute.

The Merits of the Six Sigma Green Belt
Because our company is veteran-owned and operated, we empathize with workers who seek a means of distinguishing themselves in the modern business world. Knowing the challenges that other veterans and American workers face, we designed our Six Sigma Green Belt Certification as an ideal resume booster.

Holders of a Six Sigma Green Belt understand the process changes within an organization; how workflow affects productivity; and the effect of the single individual, opposed to the collective. It’s a testament to one’s larger understanding of systems and people when one can showcase that they’ve completed, and mastered this level of accredited certification.

Applications of the Six Sigma Green Belt
Being an online certification, like all our certifications here at the Management and Strategy Institute, a Six Sigma Green Belt is one that you can complete at your own pace. Although the Green Belt will not be the last course you’ll ever need to take in your professional career, it will prepare you for any Six Sigma team at a cost that cannot be beaten. Today, many executives even require that their employees possess some of the skills associated with a Six Sigma Green Belt.

The Strength of the Six Sigma Black Belt
One of the great strengths of the Six Sigma Green Belts and Six Sigma Black Belts may be their accessibility to adult learners. Because neither of the two courses have Six Sigma prerequisites, they can be started by anyone, at any date and hour of their choosing. While our most ambitious learners have been known to study, test, and certify within the span of a week, your learning and mastery of Six Sigma is no race. To aid you in your efforts, we allocate you one year to finish at the pace that you want.

Inviting All Learners to Succeed in 2018
As a special holiday promotion, we here at the Management Strategy Institute are extending a 10% discount on all of our online certifications—including our Six Sigma Green and Black Belts. By entering the coupon code, “JAN2018”, you can seize this opportunity to leap ahead and be a more learned and competitive you for 2018!