Organizations that disparage their competitors

In a way, I guess we should be honored.  You know your organization has reached new heights when your competitors start to attack you.  This really comes as no surprise; desperate companies will do desperate things to try and attract customers.

MSI’s growth has exploded over the past few years.  Individuals and company’s all over the world now use MSI for their business certification needs.  In fact, we now have well over 100,000 certified members and certification alumni.  Large corporations and universities now incorporate MSI certification exams into their own programs.

As MSI has grown, some of our competitors have stagnated or lost customers.  This is an unfortunate but inevitable aspect of modern business.  MSI has never attacked or disparaged one of our competitors, and we never will.  We believe there is plenty of room within the training / certification arena for all companies to thrive.  Sadly, not all companies have this type of mindset or ethics policy in place.

We’ve recently been made aware of several companies within our industry trying to smear our good name and values.  We will not name the companies or address their comments directly for several reasons.  Primarily because MSI does not conduct business in this way.  In fact, since our founding in 2012, our #1 Core Value has been “The Golden Rule – We treat our members, our business partners, and our employees the way we want to be treated”.  MSI is a veteran-owned company and we stand strong on our merits and are very proud of the organization we have built.

If you’ve recently run across the comments from one of these companies, we strongly suggest you do your own research on MSI and the other company.  If you compare our organization to theirs, I’m confident you’ll quickly see a difference.  Things like MSI’s work within the community, our customer reviews, and our overall mission all speak to the nature of our organization.  We list these things proudly on our website for the world to see.  Do they?