About the Management and Strategy Institute

Trade Association for Process Improvement Professionals

The Management and Strategy Institute (MSI) is a trade association dedicated to representing the needs of process improvement professionals.  With over 225,000 members and certification alumni, MSI represents professionals in every industry and demographic with members in all 50 states and 34 countries.

MSI provides professionals with career development and credentialing opportunities while fostering an environment of continuous improvement within organizations.  We specialize in Six Sigma certification; however, we have a complete line of professional development certifications to meet your credentialing needs.  

Through research and public policy advocacy, MSI is a leading voice for process improvement professionals around the globe.  We work with large corporations, small businesses, and government agencies to instill a culture of continuous improvement and quality.  With a strong commitment to philanthropy, the Management and Strategy Institute leads by example through the MSIcares™ program.

The Management and Strategy Institute provides:

  • Credentialing – The Management and Strategy Institute is an independent certification body and official Six Sigma certification organization that develops proprietary certification exams to test a member’s competency in key business subjects.  As an industry-accredited certification body, MSI was created to cater to the needs of today’s busy adult learners.  MSI certifications are highly valued within the business community because members have demonstrated proficiency in subject matter by having their skills and knowledge verified through testing.  All of our certification exams, and the accompanying training material, is completed 100% online.  Members can study and complete the exams when it fits their schedule.  You can learn more about the value of online certification programs here [The Ultimate Guide to Online Certification Programs].

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  • Professional Development Standards – The Management and Strategy Institute sets rigorous professional development standards based on our global open source approach.  Through research and our vast network of professionals, MSI works to further the understanding of continuous improvement as it relates to individuals and organizations.  We use this research to develop and publish professional competency standards for MSI certifications and best-practices that can be used in all industries.
  • Career development – MSI provides certification programs that are in high-demand in corporate America and throughout the world.  MSI members have access to programs that increase their competence in key leadership positions such as management and continuous operational improvement.  The fee for MSI certification includes free self-study training material.  These programs work well for busy adults, shift workers, military members, or anyone with limited time but ambition to learn.
  • Organizational growth & improvement – A successful culture of continuous improvement starts with a strong organizational understanding and commitment to quality.  MSI works with companies all around the globe to increase their profitability by helping them eliminate waste and inefficiencies.  Having employees who are certified in process improvement techniques like Six Sigma helps them to understand the importance of eliminating waste and inefficiencies.  This allows an organization to build a culture of quality and continuous improvement.
  • Public Policy Advocacy – MSI speaks for the working business professional.  We advocate for legislation that promotes business professionals and their interests.  MSI promotes:
    • The value of certification for employees and their organizations.
    • Continuous improvement to all industries.
    • The general needs of all business professionals.
    • Military veterans and veteran employment.
  • Philanthropy – Through the MSICares™ philanthropy program, the Management and Strategy Institute donates to deserving charities every quarter.  The three primary area’s that MSI focuses on are Children, Education and Veteran Services.  MSI also focuses on providing opportunities to underserved communities by providing free resources through our library partnership program.

How MSI is Helping the Greater Business Community

The Management and Strategy Institute views itself as much more than just a legitimate trade association, training company, or certification company. We were created with a very simple mission: “Do Good”.  Our goal is to help professionals get ahead while simultaneously helping businesses improve processes and profitability. To provide programs that not only improve people’s skillsets but also positively impact the organizations they work for.

The Management and Strategy Institute uses TQM (Total Quality Management) sustainability initiatives to reduce development, labor and administrative costs within our organization.  We also use Total Quality Environmental Management (TQEM) to monitor and adjust our environmental footprint.

While we’re passionate about our members, we’re equally as passionate about helping the world through charity. The Management and Strategy Institute launched MSI Cares in 2014 as the charitable branch of our company. Since then, we’ve donated time, money, and resources to 40 different charitable causes around the world. That number grows every quarter! We didn’t just stop there. In 2018 we launched our FREE library training program, allowing libraries around the world to access our free training and certification programs. In 2019 we went a step further and launched our Displaced Worker Training program. This program gives training access to people who are unemployed or underemployed. It’s just one more way that MSI shows its commitment to the business community and the world.