Make Yourself More Hireable with Free Online MSI Certification & Training Programs

Losing your job can make life challenging for you and your household, and waiting by the phone after submitting countless resumes and cover letters to the void can become frustrating and depressing. Unfortunately, the slump of unemployment and the lengthening space between jobs can begin oxidizing the mettle of viable workers and negatively affecting their applications and prospects. Luckily, professional certification programs by the Management and Strategy Institute (MSI) can help you shake off the rust and tip the needle in your favor.
At MSI, there is no shortage of certification programs for all professionals looking for a leg up in the job market, but displaced workers might find it difficult to justify the additional expense of enrollment on top of their already-tightening budget. This concern is why we have created several certification and training programs with no enrollment fees to help displaced workers boost their resumes from the comfort of their own homes.
These courses include:

  • Project Management Essentials Certification
  • Six Sigma White Belt Certification
  • Ethics Training
  • Management / Supervisor Training
  • Leadership Training

Why These Courses? 

So, you may be wondering why we chose these five for our free certifications out of the numerous industries for which we have certification programs. The simple answer is: these are the areas employers are valuing the most, especially for those who are out of work and vying for another shot.

Project Management

Employers go head-over-heels for applicants who have advanced project management skills because it shows that these applicants know how to think critically and sophisticatedly. All industries, from education to sheet metalworking, require individuals capable of approaching projects from multiple perspectives and utilizing various methodologies throughout the process to achieve desired results.


Knowing the difference between right and wrong and between what we can and ought to do are essential to successful business practices in every industry. Solving ethical dilemmas may make a few heads spin, but those with additional knowledge on the subject have a higher chance of doing the right thing. Although some businesses act with a questionable moral compass, most appreciate their employees more when they go the extra mile for the best course of action instead of conforming to others’ beliefs or settling for the easy way out. Ethics may be a “soft skill,” but it certainly shows the powers that be that you are interested in personal and professional development.

Management, Supervising, & Leadership

Knowing how to manage, supervise, and lead others is one of the most important skills a professional can possess in the business world. Listing a certification or the completion of additional training in these areas, including Six Sigma, on your resume shouts, “I am ready to take up the mantle!” Good leaders think creatively and value every person on the team – they make things happen. Movers and shakers are not followers!
For more information on MSI’s free certification and training programs for displaced workers, click here, and enroll in one (or all of them) today. For all other programs, such as our Six Sigma Black Belt certification, designed to make you more successful in the job market and in the working world at large, check out our program listings for the one you need!