How a Six Sigma Lean Yellow Belt Certification Can Progress Your Career

To improve processes and reduce waste across the board, companies lean on employees who have gone through Six Sigma certification programs to help identify, analyze, and rectify problems as they arise. Keeping every aspect of the assessed processes on the same page can prove troublesome for businesses.

With Green Belts and Black Belts working to smooth out the deficiencies, you need to provide them with the ability to track and plan the new processes. To better support them moving forward, we are proud to announce we now offer a Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt certification to streamline the process!

This certification follows the Six Sigma Yellow Belt Body of Knowledge and covers all of the important elements a Lean Yellow Belt needs.  This includes DMAIC, Root Cause Analysis, Brainstorming, Control plans, and tollgates.

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What is the Six Sigma Lean Yellow Belt Certification?

The role of the Lean Yellow Belt within a company centers on providing support to Six Sigma Green Belts and Black Belts when they require help. They become subject matter experts within specific projects and help analyze and streamline processes to eliminate waste. Part of what makes Lean Yellow Belts essential to the team is that they focus on eliminating waste in the shortest cycles possible.

Anyone within an organization can earn a Lean Yellow Belt Certification. Call center employees, project managers, all the way up to the CEO can complete the certification and help with the Six Sigma project’s overall goals.

The Ongoing Role of the Lean Yellow Belts

Employees looking into what level of certification an employee goes for should be determined by their level of involvement in the project. If they look to come in an advisory capacity, looking to offer support through knowledge of the internal processes and how to make them better, then the Lean Yellow Belt may be the best fit. A certified Six Sigma Lean Yellow Belt’s primary goal is to build foundational knowledge and become a subject matter expert.

For employees looking to offer their support throughout the Six Sigma project but may not have the knowledge base available to ascend to the Green or Black Belt levels, a Six Sigma Lean Yellow Belt is for you! This certification offers you the chance to give support throughout the project, maintain your same job duties, and provide your knowledge on reducing waste across the board. Contact our team or browse our website to learn more about the Six Sigma Yellow Belt, Six Sigma Lean Yellow Belt certification, and so much more!