Do you tip your life coach?

You’ve been working with your life coach for several weeks, and you’re delighted with the service they’ve provided you.  They have helped you set long-term goals and find new ways to achieve those goals.  Now the question arises, “Should I tip my life coach?”

Tipping in the United States is a common practice.  It is also common in many other parts of the world, but some countries do avoid tipping altogether.  Tipping in the US is typically done when a service being provided to you is transactional.  For example, you tip your waitress because they are bringing you food at a restaurant, and you’ll only be transacting with them while you’re in the restaurant.  Taxi drivers, hairdressers, and porters all fall into this same category.  All of these professions expect a tip, and it is considered rude not to provide a 10% to 20% gratuity.


Should you tip your life coach?

Generally speaking, it is not common practice to tip a life coach.  This doesn’t mean you can’t tip your life coach, only that it isn’t expected or required.  Life Coaches generally fall under the umbrella of personal or professional service.  Just as you wouldn’t tip your doctor, lawyer, or therapist, your life coach isn’t looking to gratuity.

If you’re using a professional with a life coach certification, the cost of your life coaching sessions are agreed upon in writing, before your sessions ever begin.  Since most life coaching relationships are fairly short (4-12 weeks), the financial arrangement is always agreed upon in advance.

Examples of when tipping your life coach might be warranted:

  • If you feel they’ve provided service above and beyond what you expected.
  • They made financial concessions like giving you a discount on multiple sessions.
  • They helped you for free. Life Coaches will often volunteer their services for free in places like churches or community centers.  If a service is provided for free, then tipping is often appropriate.