Help with general life questions, top 3 sources

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Help with general life questions – Top 3 sources Life can be stressful.  The daily grind of finding a work/life balance can be difficult for anyone.  Having someone to talk to and ask general life questions is important for our mental health.  No one knows how to do everything or handle every situation that arises. […]

Life Coaching Without a Certification

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Life Coaching without a certification Life coaching is an unregulated industry.  You don’t need to obtain a certification, and no colleges currently offer a life coach degree.  Sometimes people confuse life coaching with therapy, which is regulated in most states.  Therapists focus on the past and are licensed to diagnose people with illnesses.  Life coaches […]

How life coaches remain neutral

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Remaining neutral – How life coaches keep their opinions and beliefs out of the conversation. Life coaches work with clients every day to address personal goals, aspirations, and relationships and how they work in a person’s life.  They use a variety of tools and techniques to help their clients stay organized and motivated. Life coaches […]

Can a Life Coach Teach at the College Level?

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Can a Life Coach Teach at the College Level? Life coaching is one of the fastest-growing occupations in the country.  For those unfamiliar, a life coach helps people make life decisions, prioritize timelines, and set goals.  Life coaches don’t act as therapists, rather, they strictly focus on the future and helping people achieve a sought-after […]