Digital Badges now available for all certifications purchased directly on

The Management and Strategy Institute is excited to announce that digital badges are now available for all certifications purchased on

Digital Badges are a great way to highlight your achievements!  Your digital badge links directly to your certification information in our verification database at  This way, employers and colleagues can verify your certification with the click of a mouse.

What are MSI Digital Badges? – A digital certification badge is an indicator of your accomplishment that can be displayed and verified online.  In some respects, the digital badge works the same way that your certificate & transcripts do.  They provide a way for an employer or work colleagues to verify your credentials.  Since your badge is linked directly to our database, employers can verify your certification with one click!

Example Digital Badge

Do all MSI certifications include a digital badge? – Currently only certifications purchased directly on include the digital badge at no additional cost.  If you take one of our free programs, or register for a certification using a voucher, there is an additional cost to receive your physical certificate/transcripts, and digital badge.

Will I receive my digital badge immediately? – All certifications through MSI must be approved and validated by the MSI Board of Trustees before they are conferred.  Therefore, digital badges are not issued immediately upon completion of the certification exam.  This process typically takes 3-5 business days.

Where do I get my digital badge? – Go to and enter your certification ID#.  This number is found in the bottom left corner of your digital certificate, or on the physical transcripts you receive in the mail after you are certified.

How you I copy my digital badge or link it to my verification page? – The instructions to download your digital badge and link it to your profile can be found here.  Link MSI Digital Badge