An Introduction to Leadership Certification Courses at The Management and Strategy Institute

At the Management and Strategy Institute, we not only offer training in Six Sigma, including our popular Six Sigma Green Belt certification, but in a wide range of business-related skill sets including Project Management, Human Resources, Information Technology, and more for individuals looking to advance their careers and those wishing to make improvements within an organization.
Some of the most popular professional development courses we offer are our Leadership Certifications. For individuals looking to make their way into management at their organization and for managers and executives looking to expand their knowledge and understanding of organizational management, these courses offer incredible insight that translates directly into a wide range of industries.
In this article, we’ll highlight our three Leadership Certifications, so you can decide which is right for you and the career path you wish to pursue.
Key Leadership Skills Certified (KLSC)™
For employees looking to learn the fundamentals of being a leader in an organization, this course teaches the skills to be an effective leader. These include powerful communication techniques, helpful and unhelpful behaviors of a leader, vision, and goal-setting, and much more.
Executive Management Certified (EMC)™
Combining leadership and management skills, this course teaches the essentials of leading employees effectively. This includes how to properly delegate work, how to supervise, managing risk, performing situational analyses, addressing employees, and more. The course is ideal for those looking to become valuable leaders within an organization at the executive level.
Strategic Organizational Leadership (SOLC)™
For leaders in a large organization, this course teaches the principles of strong leadership and how to adapt the work environment to the changing processes of a growing organization while maximizing team production and morale. Topics include the characteristics of a great leader, the management hierarchy, coaching and motivational tips, and how to boost team morale and production.
At the Management and Strategy Institute, students learn skills that not only bolster their resumes but that lead to fruitful careers as leaders within large and high-performing companies. If you are looking to gain the valuable skills that help industry-leaders successfully maintain and grow their businesses, enroll in a Leadership course through the Management and Strategy Institute today.