Beat Work Displacement

Strengthening Your Resume to Beat Work Displacement


Think of your resume as your personalized advertisement to hiring managers. It provides HR with the information it needs to put your name at the top – or the bottom – of the list of potential employees. Your resume has the potential to set you apart from the other applicants and be your ticket out of unemployment. But, just like any tool for success, it needs to get updated, polished, and ready for work.

Here at the Management and Strategy Institute, a leading provider of online Six Sigma Certifications like the Six Sigma Green Belt certification and Six Sigma Black Belt Certification, understand the difficulties experienced by displaced workers and are committed to helping you get out of the unemployment slump with a few suggestions to effectively  “beef up” your resume and get you back into the job market.

Make an Impression

Remember: this piece of paper is you by proxy. Make sure it adequately represents you as a unique and creative professional. 

  • Use a headline as a hook, and then reel them in with a succinct summary of your expertise, years of experience, and skills.
  • Improve the design of your resume and the clarity of your language. There should be no run-on sentences in your resume – ever.
  • There is also nothing wrong with higher paper quality.

Anything that sticks positively in the minds of the hiring managers is a good thing to include!

Modify by Industry

When the faceless job application website requests your resume, it does not care which resume you use. That’s right, create multiple resumes – each one modified to exhibit relevant experience, skills, and appropriate document design for each job, industry, and even individual employees. Do not limit yourself to a generic resume that will leave you unnoticed.

Showcase Skills, Accomplishments, & Expertise

Bring your resume to the next level by seriously considering which skills, interests, achievements, and experiences would be most beneficial to your overall application. This is the bread-and-butter of your resume, and the things you choose to showcase should only be added if they bring value.

Write a Cover Letter

This is not so much a resume improvement as it is a necessary aspect of an application that should never be disregarded. If there is an option to attach a cover letter, then you should attach a cover letter. Unless the job description reads “do not send a cover letter,” or “we don’t like people who write good,” attach a cover letter. Your resume represents you objectively while your cover letter provides a more subjective perspective. It gives the employer insight into your writing and communication styles and abilities, along with more elaboration on how your experiences will make you a valuable addition to their staff.

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