Organizational Continuous Improvement Award

$495 Application Fee

About the Organizational Continuous Improvement Award

Your company works hard to continually improve its processes, isn’t it time to be recognized for it? The Organizational Continuous Improvement Award is designed for company’s that have dedicated themselves to continuous improvement. Organizations of all sizes are eligible to apply.

Issued monthly, the prestigious Organizational Continuous Improvement Award is a competitive award issued only to those organizations that truly show dedication to the advancement of continuous improvement.

Organizational Continuous Improvement Award Logo

Why your Organization Should Apply:

Winning the Organizational Continuous Improvement Award is a special achievement, and with it comes some big rewards.

  • Prestige, You’ll be among the top few organizations in the world to hold this award.
  • Publicity, MSI puts out a press release with the names of all individuals and organizations that are awarded.
  • Professional award certificate physically mailed to you.  Proudly display this professional award in your office. (Select countries only).
  • Digital badge (pictured above) which links to our verification database.

You’ll start the application process by paying the registration fee above.  To apply, you will write a 250-500 word essay on the accomplishments of your organization.  You have a full year to submit the application after paying the application fee, so you can take your time writing the essay.  The essay is limited to 500 words.  Only the first 500 words of an application will be considered.

This is a competitive award and only issued to a percentage of applicants.  The fee you pay is the application fee, which covers MSI’s cost to review applications.  Winners are notified monthly; it generally takes 15-30 days before you are notified.  Organizations that do not win will have a second opportunity to apply at no additional cost.