Ultimate Six Sigma Certification Package!

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All 3 Six Sigma Belts

We’ve packed some serious value into this package.  In fact, it’s the most value-packed bundle we’ve ever developed.  Why?  Because our many years of experience, working with thousands of professionals, and talking with hundreds of companies have all led us here.  The Ultimate Six Sigma Certification package!

You’ll receive ALL THREE primary Belt Levels from MSI.

Excited Six Sigma Certified Professional

Is Six Sigma In Demand?

YES!  In fact, demand has EXPLODED since the pandemic.  Companies are dealing with rising costs, supply chain issues, and a tight labor market.  The demand for continuous improvement managers is expected to grow 11% per-year over the next 5 years.  Over 360,000+ jobs list Continuous Improvement as a requirement, and those jobs generally pay over $100,000 per year!

Indeed search for continuous improvement

Here’s some more job search examples on Indeed.com!  Continuous Improvement  |  Process Improvement  |  Six Sigma  |  Quality Manager

WARNING - Will YOUR Resume Be Seen?

WARNING:  Many businesses today use software to scan your resume before a person ever looks at it.  This software is called an applicant tracking system — or ATS, for short.  It is designed to weed-out people who don’t have the qualities a company is looking for.  This package is designed to TURBO-CHARGE your resume!  It will PACK your resume with the Six Sigma and process improvement skills needed to get your curriculum vitae noticed!

Everything You Get In This Package:

Six Sigma Black Belt Certification
($399.95 Value)
Six Sigma Green Belt Certification
($299.95 Value)
Six Sigma Yellow Belt Certification
($199.95 Value)
3 attempts to pass each certification exam
($60 Value)
All study material provided online, with option to download personal PDF copies
($499.95 Value)
Professional, physical certificate & transcripts mailed to your home
($69.95 Value)
Online Digital Certificate
($9.95 Value)
Digital Badge and Database Lookup Verification at MSIcertified.org
($19.95 Value)

This Equals a TOTAL VALUE of OVER $1,559!


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Who is this package for?

This Six Sigma Certification package will develop you into a leader of Continuous Improvement. It prepares you to work with Fortune 500 companies to improve processes, eliminate process waste, and lead successful projects.

"MSI knows what employers are looking for, this package checked every box. I received twice as many interview requests after I completed the certifications in this package."
Susan P.
Continuous Improvement Manager