Lean Six Sigma Practice Test

This free Lean Six Sigma practice quiz is designed to test your knowledge of basic process improvement principles.  The practice test consists of 20 general questions on Lean Six Sigma and you must correctly answer 15 out of 20 questions to pass.

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General Lean Six Sigma Quiz

This quiz is designed to test your general knowledge of Lean Six Sigma.

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Which statement is true about Lean Six Sigma?

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Lean Six Sigma can help the healthcare system with:

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The DMAIC Method.  Which stage does this identify?

Confirm and test the Statistical solution

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A tool used to analyze a process for delays:

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_______ is the variation in the operation of a process not caused by the end customer. It is the Irregular, Inconsistent, Uneven, and Unbalanced work on machines.

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The DMAIC Method.  Which stage does this identify?

Identify and state the practical problem.

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What is the first phase of Kaizen?

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What does GENCHI GEBUTSU mean?

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Which employees should be trained when an organization initiates a Six Sigma improvement policy?

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Which of the following actions is not so typical for the lean process?

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A common mistake is trying to improve a process by adjusting it when it does not need adjustment. The term for this mistake is called:

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When variation is produced by the system itself it is known as:

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Which belt-level training should this employee receive:

This employee will have no direct contact with a project. They will not be providing any assistance to the team and have only worked for the organization for 90 days.

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The DMAIC Method.  Which stage does this identify?

Convert the statistical solution to a practical solution

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The most common type of Lean waste is:

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The Toyota Production System (TPS) is:

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The DMAIC Method.  Which stage does this identify?

Validate the practical problem by collecting data

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Sometimes improvement projects fail. It’s often because they are too focused on:

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Lean production was developed by:

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Six sigma equates to:

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How this Lean Six Sigma practice test can help

You’re interested in process improvement and helping your company improve its workflow.  That’s great, but where do you start?  Practice tests might just be the answer.  MSI’s Lean Six Sigma practice test is free and gives you a glimpse into what a certification exam will be like.  Here are four reasons you should take the practice exam.

Assess how well you already know the content

Lean Six Sigma focuses on two main components, improving existing processes and eliminating waste from those processes.  It’s human nature to improve as we go.  You’ve probably experimented with different ways to drive to work or tried changing your daily routine to make it more efficient.  Business process improvement is no different.  You’ll use processes like DMAIC, PDCA, and Kaizen to analyze and improve your daily workflow.  Since you do many of these things naturally, you may find that you already have a basic understanding of lss principles.

Prepare yourself mentally

Taking tests online can be nerve-racking, especially if you haven’t taken a test in years.  Taking the MSI Lean Six Sigma practice test can help prepare you for taking exams again.  You may find the practice exam easy.  If you do, you can consider taking a six sigma certification exam.  If you find the exam difficult, then register for MSI’s free Lean Six Sigma White Belt certification and learn the basics of this process improvement method.

Ease anxiety about testing

One of the great things about practice tests is that there are no consequences.  If you don’t pass, simply retake it!  You can take the lss practice test from MSI as many times as you’d like.  If you score over 70%, we’ll even email you a certificate of completion with your score.

Get a free certificate of completion

While certificates of completion don’t hold the same weight as a certification, they can still be valuable.  Perhaps an employer wants to see that you have a basic understanding of process improvement, or they just want proof that you’ve worked on your self-improvement recently.  This free certificate of completion may just be enough to satisfy those requests.

Get ready for your certification exam

Taking a practice exam is a great way to get ready for the real thing!  Once you’ve practiced and improved your test-taking skills, go to the MSI Six Sigma Certification page and select from one of our certification options.  Here you’ll have access to the MSI certification exam and all of the training material we include when you register.

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