Why You Should Consider Your Own Six Sigma Yellow Belt Certification

Being dedicated to the continued education and the success of adult learners, the Management and Strategy Institute ensure its certifications remain as accessible and as practical as possible. In this effort, we conceived the Six Sigma certification program, along with the Six Sigma Yellow Belt certification.

The Six Sigma Yellow Belt

If you’ve ever wanted to have the confidence and skills to accurately measure and express metrics, the Six Sigma Yellow Belt certification was intended specifically for you. Day to day, the Yellow Belt works closely with Green Belts, focusing on communication and terminology that will bring more clarity and coordination to Six Sigma projects. To an employer managing a multitude of projects, the Yellow Belt is an essential component of their workforce—strengthening synergy between other employees and departments.

Knowledge of Subjects and Phases

Although a Yellow Belt typically serves at an entry-level capacity, the knowledge and training of the certification can easily be applied by more senior employees. Having a strong understanding of Six Sigma terminology, workers can increase efficiency and productivity within any Six Sigma project. Supervisors regularly rely on such personnel to assist them with critical DMAIC methods and other crucial operations.

Awareness of International Practices

With a thorough understanding of concepts like ISO, you’ll be the resource in your office when it comes to international standards and compliance. Because compliances can make or break any Six Sigma project, your mastery of ISO will influence the quality of your company’s products and the satisfaction of your customers.

Accessibility and Assisted-Learning

When you embark on your Yellow Belt course, you can trust that the Management and Strategy Institute is ready to assist you along the way. With our students in mind, we offer our “Six Sigma Yellow Belt Core Concepts Guide.” Although this text is not required to study for your Yellow Belt certification exam, it acts as the perfect study guide and reference book after you’ve finished the online training and gained your Certificate of Certification.

After you’ve paid for your Yellow Belt certification, you ambitious learners can take and complete your one-hour exam as soon as you deem yourself ready.