What’s the difference between MSI certification and IASSC certification?

Occasionally we’re asked what’s the difference between getting a certification through MSI and getting a certification through IASSC.  This article will explain the difference so that you can decide which certification is best for you.

The Management and Strategy Institute is a certifying body for all the certifications we issue.  All of our certifications are exclusive, and we are the only company that can issue them.  Likewise, the IASSC is also a certifying body and they issue their own Six Sigma certifications.

In the world of Six Sigma, there is no singular certification body.  This means that any certification company that sets standards within the Six Sigma industry can issue a Six Sigma certification.  MSI sets standards through the Six Sigma Quality Standards (SSQS) initiative for our certifications.


If you do a search for Six Sigma certification online, you’ll find many companies.  Some offer respected certifications, and some do not.  It’s important that you do your research to find the certification body that best fits your needs.  That will depend on many factors, some of those factors include:  Your level of college education, industry you work in, experience, job position, etc.  You can get training and certification through private organizations like MSI or through colleges and universities, both online and in-person.

Which certification you should get depends completely on your needs and personal preference.  Both the IASSC and MSI Six Sigma certifications are valid certifications and both are considered generally respected within the business community.  Either certification company will fit the needs of most people needing certification.  You should do your research and select the certification that you feel best fits you and what you’re looking to accomplish with it. 

​What about ASQ, aren’t they the leader in the certification industry?  ASQ is a highly respected certifying body and their certifications are widely recognized and respected in the industry.  Their Six Sigma certification is also more difficult to obtain, having education and project experience requirements.  Each certification company sets the standards to which they certify someone.  There is no universal standard, so each company will have different requirements.  For some people, a certification from ASQ may make sense.  For others, getting a certification through MSI will meet their needs.
Should I get multiple six sigma certifications?  This may be beneficial to you, depending on your specific needs and goals.  Generally speaking, most people do not need multiple certifications.  You should review the benefits of MSI, ASQ, IASSC, and other organizations and decide which certification best fits you needs and budget.

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