The difference in costs between MSI and our competitors

Management and Strategy Institute was founded on the idea of bringing respected certifications to professionals at an affordable price.  It’s why our mission statement has remained the same for over 10 years – “To Be The Industry Leader In Highly Respected And Affordable Professional Development Certifications.”

When people start researching which company they should get their certification through, one of the first things they naturally research is price.  One of the questions we hear a lot here at MSI is why are your programs less expensive than your competitors.  To understand the answer you have to understand the difference between a “Training Class” and “Study Material”.


Certification company vs. Training company

The Management and Strategy Institute is a certification company, we are not a training company.  The material we include is considered study material, specifically designed to help prepare you to take the certifications we offer.  This is why MSI does not offer training for another company’s certifications.  For example, we do not offer a PMP certification training program since the PMP certification is issued by another organization.  Every certification you take through the Management and Strategy Institute is exclusive, and the study material is designed specifically for that certification.

Most certification companies do not offer test-takers any type of study material.  You’ll usually need to take training through a 3rd-party training company, or buy books and learn the material yourself.  This is why the prices of our competitors is so much higher.  With them, you are paying for both training and a certification.  The goal of MSI is to lower the financial burden for our members as much as possible.  This is why we include free study material with every certification exam.  You can choose to use this study material, or you can purchase Six Sigma Certification study material on your own.  MSI offers suggestions for books in the Course Syllabus of every certification we offer.

In reality, MSI’s pricing is in-line with the industry standard price for most certifications.  Most certification exams range in price from $150 to $400.  MSI’s most expensive certification falls in the middle of that price range at $299.95.  The value we provide however is much higher than most certifications since we include the study material.  When preparing for a certification, most people spend between $250 and $2000 for training or books.  Since MSI includes study material for free, many of our members only end up paying the price of the certification.

Because the material we include is study material, designed specifically to prepare you for the exam, it may not go as deep into some of the topics that you’d like to learn.  This is why we recommend all members purchase the additional recommended books.  They will help you dig deeper into many of the concepts.  The course syllabus tab link is located directly below the “Enroll Now” button on each certification page.

We hope this explain the difference in costs between MSI and our competitors.  Whether you plan to take one of MSI’s Six Sigma certification programs or one of our Business Skill certifications, we hope the included study material provides value while reducing your overall costs.