Six Sigma Certification Package #5

The Management and Strategy Institute offers quite a few bundle packages for certification.  Some of our most popular packages combine different Six Sigma programs into groups that compliment each other.  These packages serve multiple purposes:

  1. Bundle Similar Certifications – Having certifications that work in conjunction can bring value to both your personal skillset and the needs of an employer.  Often times different methodologies will have similar or complimentary approaches to cutting waste and improving processes.  This is why Lean and Six Sigma are used together so often.

  2. Expanded Understanding of Concepts – Taking multiple programs can ensure you have a deeper understanding of the tools to improve process flow.

  3. Save Money – Any time MSI bundles programs together we also provide a discount on the program.  This allows you to save some money while gaining multiple certifications.

  4. Enhanced Resumé Appeal – One of the reasons that having certifications on your resumé is appealing is that it shows employers you have an understanding of the concepts needed to obtain it.  Furthermore, MSI certifications are independent of an employer.  This shows employers that you have the self-drive and determination to get certified on your own, not because you were forced to by a previous employer.

This combination of factors is what makes MSI Six Sigma Package #5 so appealing.  This package includes the Six Sigma Green Belt, Kaizen Facilitator, and Design for Six Sigma certifications.  These programs are all separate certifications, but compliment each other in that they are often used together.

  • Six Sigma Green Belt Certified (SSGBC) – Green Belts work along side Black Belts on a project.  Green Belts will learn to understand the voice of the customer and use tools to determine exactly what the companies end-product should deliver.  They then work to eliminate waste and improve the production process for those products.

  • Certified Kaizen Facilitator (CKF) – In some ways, a Kaizen project can be thought of as a short, highly-focuses Six Sigma project.  Instead of fixing the entire production process, Kaizen projects look at one small area that needs attention and stays hyper-focused on finding a solution.  The Kaizen project will often times use many of the same tools and techniques as a full scale Six Sigma project.  This is why having a Green Belt and Kaizen certification bundled together can be beneficial.

  • Design For Six Sigma Certified (DFSSC) – Unlike a standard improvement process, DFSS looks to design a new process from the ground up.  It develops a products production process with Six Sigma initiative already in mind.  In some ways, DFSS is the most useful incarnation of Six Sigma.  It designs the production process with no waste from the onset.

You can learn more about all of these programs by researching them further on our website.  MSI is currently offering these 3 certifications in a bundle package that saves you $50 when you register.  You can get all 3 certification programs for just $449.85.  That price includes access to all 3 certification exams plus the study material.  It will also include the mailing of your professional certificate and transcripts when you complete the programs.  CLICK HERE to register today!