Six Sigma Certification in Philadelphia

The Management and Strategy Institute (MSI) is a Pennsylvania based company, located in the Philadelphia region. We offer all of our Six Sigma certification programs online, allowing you to take your training directly from your office, without having to travel. We offer training for companies in Philadelphia as well as other cities across the country.


MSI doesn’t currently offer in-person training, however our online study material is designed specifically to help prepare you for your belt-level exam.  We offer certification in all Six Sigma belt levels, from White Belt to Master Black belt.  We also offer Champion, 5S, DFSS certifications as well as some quality-based certifications like TQM.

The Philadelphia region is an important economic region in regards to manufacturing.  With over 4,000 manufactures in the region, goods produced in Philadelphia are used throughout the US and the world.  While not as large of the industrial powerhouse it once way, Philadelphia still plays an important part in manufacturing.  In the early 1900’s Philadelphia was one of the largest textile product manufacturing cities in the world, producing everything from socks to carpets.  The cities prime location on the east coast along with an abundant supply of skilled labor made it the perfect manufacturing hub.

It wouldn’t be possible for Philadelphia to have such a robust manufacturing industry without having a functional logistics operation.  Transportation by both rail and sea have played a big part of the success in moving goods out of the city.

Today we are seeing a resurgence of manufacturing in the US and quality / improvement programs are making these manufactures more competitive.  Programs like Six Sigma, Total Quality Management, 5S, and others are helping Philadelphia manufacturers keep costs under control while increasing productivity.