Six Sigma Collector's Coin!

As we near the end of 2019 and the fiscal year, dedicated professionals are looking back at the successes and missteps of the past year and taking steps to improve their businesses and career prospects. One of the best ways to enhance your work life, productivity, and success is by consistently participating in professional development. If you are in the corporate world, some of the best PD opportunities in which you can enroll are the many courses in the Six Sigma online series offered by the Management and Strategy Institute.

If you are currently enrolled in Six Sigma Black Belt, or any of the other Six Sigma programs available through MSI, or you are certified in Six Sigma and wish to demonstrate your commitment to this groundbreaking set of management and leadership techniques, consider purchasing a limited edition Six Sigma collector’s coin presented by the Management and Strategy Institute today!
Show Some DMAIC PrideThe MSI Six Sigma collector’s coin is a unique and fun way to showcase your commitment to bettering yourself and your colleagues through this process improvement methodology. This limited edition heavy brass coin with an antique silver finish is a full two inches in diameter and is a fantastic showpiece for your office.

Side One:
This side of the coin proudly has the name and logo of the Management and Strategy Institute with the words, “Professional Certifications” and “Limited Edition,” embossed in silver with a blue background.

Side Two:
This side of the coin displays the words “Six Sigma Certified” on a blue inner ring surrounding the Six Sigma symbol (6σ). The larger outer circle is multi-colored and exhibits the famous DMAIC Method (Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, Control).

The DMAIC Method teaches professionals how to Define any problems, Measure unaided process performance, Analyze the issues for root causes of defects, Improve process performance by addressing those causes and eliminating them, and Controlling the improved and enhanced process. So, why not use this method to improve and control your career by earning a Six Sigma Lean certification or any of MSI’s other professional development courses?

If you have not experienced Six Sigma and DMAIC, but are looking for a way to improve on the past year’s outcomes and processes, there is still time to earn your Six Sigma certification through MSI before the new quarter. Also, as you complete your certification, you can proudly showcase your journey towards success and greater process management with your very own Six Sigma collector’s coin available here for purchase!