Policy - Shipping of physical certificate & transcripts

The Management and Strategy Institute ships a professional certificate and transcript to our members who pass a certification exam.  This applies to paid certifications, purchased directly on MSIcertified.com

Note #1:  This applies to paid certifications only, free programs do not include the mailing of the certificate & transcripts.

Note #2:  This applies to certifications purchased directly on MSIcertified.com.  If you purchased a voucher or coupon code from another website, additional fees may apply to have your certificate & transcripts mailed.

Note #3:  The Management and Strategy Institute ships physical certificates and transcripts to the US & all US territories only.  Members in all other countries can download the digital certificate & training record directly from within their account.

Option for international members!

  1. If you have friends or family in the US, we can ship the certificate & transcripts to them.

  2. If you’d like to receive your physical certificate & transcripts, MSI recommends using a freight forwarding service like Shop & Ship. Services such as this can receive your package, using a US address, then forward it to your country. Please note these companies charge a fee for their service. The company MSI recommends is below:
    Shop & Ship
    Springfield Gardens, NY