Micro-certifications now available through Management and Strategy Institute

Today the Management and Strategy Institute announced the addition of Micro certifications to their list of professional development certifications.  Micro-certifications, also known as micro-credentials or skill-gap certifications, are designed to be short-form programs that can be completed quickly.  These certifications generally focus on soft-skills like Empathy and the Emotional Intelligence, Communications, and Business Networking.  These are all skills that employers look for when hiring.

In the modern age, it’s even more important that these skills are highly-lighted on a resume because many companies now use software to scan a resume before a person ever sees it.  This software looks for key subjects to determine if a candidate is worth interviewing.  MSI has bundled these micro-certifications into a package it calls the Ultimate Resume Booster!

The 10 certifications available in the bundle are listed below.  There is also an upgrade option for those who are interested, bringing the total number of micro-certifications to 21!

  • Empathy and the Emotional Intelligence Training (MC-EEIT)
  • Communications Training (MC-CT)
  • Teamwork Training (MC-TT)
  • Problem-Solving Training (MC-PST)
  • Time Management Training (MC-TMT)
  • Attitude and Work Ethic Training (MC-AWET)
  • Adaptability/Flexibility Training (MC-AFT)
  • Self-Confidence Training (MC-SCT)
  • Ability to Learn Training (MC-ALT)
  • Business Networking Training (MC-BNT)